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    No Dey Form God!

    Why should men be offended in Christ because of you? Who you be? Who do you think you are to control the destinies of men? Who made you a God to them? Just one word, gesture, inaction or action from you and you have influenced an entire being into a particular path...more often than not, a bad one...

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    Not a Valentine’s Special

    While the messages of purity have gone forth long before this special day, those who want to do what they want to do will do it. I know this and I have peace. They see us as old-fashioned talkatives, people who don't know how to mind their business and are secretly pained to not have what they are "enjoying." I know this and I have peace...

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    To Tear You Beta Slap Dey Do Me.

    So after everything you promised God the last time, you still messed up this badly? If I, a stranger, am this disappointed in you, imagine how Jesus feels. After all the investments he put into you? The prayer power, the study revelations, the different helps? Tor, Jesus was probably disappointed too. See as you have cried like somebody shoved a knife in your chest. E remain small make NEPA leave Kanji Dam dey use your tears take supply us light...

  • Creative writing

    O Beautiful One (a poem)

    Let me sing for you,O beautiful one.Your gaze reminds me hanging chandeliers.Your feet, of swinging lilies. Put your arms around me,O beautiful one.Shield me from the sun,That’s outside your embrace. Dance with me,O beautiful one.As you twirl me under the moonlight,Remind me of your promises to me. Dance for me,O beautiful one.Even when the pressure hitch my legs,Whisper your love again in my ears. Sit with me,O beautiful one.Let’s stay far from their preying eyes,As I get lost in your presence.

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    Shhh, Don’t Say a Word

    "...but why me Lord, why does it always have to me!" That would be screaming, complaining to God when he nudges me to keep quiet. That would be me when I have to swallow back the poison conceived in my heart making it's way up my speech organs. Growing up, I and my siblings reared ourselves in the mastery of verbal battle...yea, I mean verbal insults.

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    It’s my Love Life, Please Mind Your Business.

    It's official- I'm in love. I'm sitting at my dining table and I've been staring at this plate of noodles since afternoon. When I first looked upon its steaming persona coupled with its perfect texture I knew I had made magic. I'm still unconvinced that something so perfect could have come from so-imperfect-me. Maybe I could have resisted its passionate pull. I really tried, believe me, friends but I was undefended against that eggy aroma that was made to seduce even monks...

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    I Hate Hating People

    I hate hating people. Maybe that's too strong for what I mean so I'll just say I hate not liking people. But you've got to agree with me- some humans don't want to be liked. I think when some of them were born, they took a blood oath to promise to be irritating to all living things. I remember one particular case. Mehn, this older lady was always in my face. She was always running her personal commentary on everything and everybody and doing so with scriptures. Like what! Can't you mind your business?...