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    You held my hands that day and took me with you to the real happening place. True to your words, I met all of them there wearing their best clothes but it was the chief host that took centre stage with his flowing white robes and hair as white as snow.

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    Shhh, Don’t Say a Word

    "...but why me Lord, why does it always have to me!" That would be screaming, complaining to God when he nudges me to keep quiet. That would be me when I have to swallow back the poison conceived in my heart making it's way up my speech organs. Growing up, I and my siblings reared ourselves in the mastery of verbal battle...yea, I mean verbal insults.

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    Did I hear You Ask If He’s ‘The One’?

    One sunny day during my service year, this young man walked up to me at the parade ground, called me his sister and swore he was ready to marry me. He'd called himself my brother cause we were one of the few Igbo's present on that camp. Then he swore he was ready to pay my dowry soonest because he had loved me from the moment he saw me, and apparently done the calculations leading to the conclusion that I would make the best bride. The poor guy. He must have done a lot of research and seen how girls swallow the "marriage/dowry" hook. Too bad. This was the same…

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    Why I Refuse to Walk in Darkness.

    I mean, how will I know not to go into a business because it'll collapse in 2 months? How can man tap into the eyes of God? How will I know not to allow my son to go to school that day even though he's crying that it's his best friend's birthday simply because, my spirit "does not sit well" with the idea? Only to turn on the News some hours later to hear of the bomb blast at ABC school, 3hours ago? How can I wake up from a dream

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    Have You Seen My Baby? (a poem)

    From the Stables of a Backsliden Christian… What does God’s presence mean to you? How much do you value his voice? Do you still tremble in awe of him or like Peter, you’re standing afar off? I wrote this poem in May. It was a time when my life was filled with much sadness steming from my disobedience to God’s instruction and my confusion and desire to fix it all and return to the way it used to be. Funny how you may not have noticed the distance that slowly crept in between you and your saviour or you’re still where you veered off the path of righteousness. Maybe you…

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    Introducing, a Shameless Person

    Day 10’s Theme: Trust As I thought about what to write on trust, today’s theme, I came up blank until I remembered a past event. A typical day in my house, especially when my two younger sisters are on a break from their boarding school can be likened to minor mental torture, pressure and incessant stress. Today, I want to let you in on what a real typical day in the Jeremiah’s household looks like. I hope you see something on trust through this somewhat strange drama…just like I did. Few weeks after getting my new laptop. Afternoon. 1:06pm (I’m on my bed when a sister comes to me).Her: Chioma…