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    Agama Lizard

    Sister sister, I have a bone to pick with you. The other day when your supposed "girlfriend" asked you if you thought the bust of her blouse was too revealing, you shook your head and said, "no!" But you and I know how you cringed when you first saw that cloth on her bed that morning...

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    I Spent Four Years Asking God to Speak to Me

    Two years later, fear began to set in my heart. I'd been professing Christ for years now and had "nothing" to show for it. What would I have to show the world when I left the covering of "school?" Save me, Lord. Every prayer was a desperate cry to God to speak to me too. It looked like my friends were getting stronger too. They all would have something to say about "what God said...". I became worse...

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    Why I Refuse to Walk in Darkness.

    I mean, how will I know not to go into a business because it'll collapse in 2 months? How can man tap into the eyes of God? How will I know not to allow my son to go to school that day even though he's crying that it's his best friend's birthday simply because, my spirit "does not sit well" with the idea? Only to turn on the News some hours later to hear of the bomb blast at ABC school, 3hours ago? How can I wake up from a dream

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    God Cares About Gingers And Garlics Alot!

    Today, my mum asked me to peel a handful of ginger and garlic that she’ll use in making this herbal drink that allegedly boosts the immune system so that when she returns from work, she won’t have to begin the entire process so late at night. Well, I was supposed to peel them during the day but you know how these things are, from one thing to another, but by 7pm I finally made my sisters do the job. You know how it is, the big sis delegating duties to the younger ones, it’s not a crime where I come from so Ha! Stay with me. That’s where the problem…