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Agama Lizard

Sister sister, I have a bone to pick with you.

The other day when your supposed “girlfriend” asked you if you thought the bust of her blouse was too revealing, you shook your head and said, “no!” But you and I know how you cringed when you first saw that cloth on her bed that morning.

Brotherly Bros,

Last week your roommates were discussing how to collect an extra 20k from their parents for a “Repercussion Fee” in addition to their school fees. You laughed with them but inside you, you know you can never try something like that with your parents, not for pity’s sake but because you fear God.

Sister, just yesterday Nkiru asked you what you thought of virgins and you said you think they are old school but you forgot to mention you belong to that same class of fashion that value the marriage bed.

I decided not to mention how you followed them to that club on Valentine’s day because of how you were weeping inside and shaking while asking God for mercy under your breath that no evil befalls you. Thank God you returned safely with your testimony intact.

Brother, I know you told me to keep it a secret but my mouth is paining me. I want to tell everybody how you helped your friend’s friend carry expo sheets into the exam hall because they begged you to.

I am not angry o but worried. I’m worried about how you are always nodding your head to strange suggestions from others. You never rebuke the wrongs around you. Even when your bunkmate is having phone sex below your bed, you pretend to be sleeping so you don’t have to take a stand.

Your mouth is heavy when it comes to the truth of the kingdom- the very truth you believe in and live by. You thought you were strong in faith until moved to a new environment.

You, who was supposed to be a light to them, are the one we are using flood light to look for since to no avail. Can’t you see that you are almost finished?!

Baby girl, help me tell your brother when you see him that I said both of you will soon fall. You already started to fall but you don’t know it.

God did not intend you to be a nodder in life or he would have created you as a lizard. He gave you the brain and sense to weigh your options before choosing that’s why your name is Amaka, not Agama.

I sense your sincerity and pain which is why I’m not angry with you. I saw you cry last night when your roommate’s boyfriend came to pick her up again for the week and she left you with all her assignments to do and submit for her while she enjoys her fornication.

I saw you pray and decide to take a stand the next time opportunity came. I saw your hands begin to sweat when it did. I heard your heart drum and your tongue swallow itself then I saw you nod again.

Girl! You have more strength in you than you think. I know you don’t feel powerful or fearless but if you keep waiting for those “feelings,” you will never move on.

Even the manufacturers of the torchlights we use advise that we charge them every three months even when not in use or we would be killing the batteries but you, a whole human being have refused to exercise your faith for this long?

You are killing your batteries! Your energy level is low. Your spiritual senses are reduced. Your courage has taken a blow. You have grieved the spirit of God!

The message I have for you is this: Beware! You are one step from the net the devil has set for you. If you don’t take a stand now, you will lose yourself to the darkness around you.

Matthew 12:30 (NKJV): “He who is not with Me is against Me, and he who does not gather with Me scatters abroad.”

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