About me

Simply call me Chioma.

I’ve been telling stories since I could say my first word, from spinning exaggerated tales to outright lies (I still wonder why anyone ever believed me). Anyway, I can’t say I’ve changed much too cause I’m still that storyteller but with better humour and yes, without the lies this time, I promise.

This blog is a collection of my life adventure, stories and hacks. I have these little unpublished works of art around me dating back from when I could hold a pen. They probably fall around grades like “cute,” “good,” “bad” and “horrible.” But that’s all in the past now, I’ve grown and I mean it when I say I’ve grown. My work has also transformed into beautiful letters that I can’t wait to share with the world. Here, in my corner of the internet is where you get served the pro version of my creativity and light with little cute boxes of growth.

I’m all for friendship and communication. The hours runs by when i’m with them. I love reading books and watching nice movies too. Technically, anything that stirs my imagination and inspires me but I’m picky about the ones I choose. We can’t be too safe in this world that seems to be running haywire.

Oh, and I love Indomie, Rice and Peppersoup.

About my blog

Here’s why I’m really here and what I can promise you;

Life can be so tiring and hard, forcing us to take many things seriously, such that we lose the little joys everyday brings. These joys don’t go anywhere, only that we don’t notice them anymore. And that’s my passion – to help you remember too often the unappreciated things of life. I’ll be voice for all the thoughts you can’t find words to express. Simply put, I’ll help you not to take anything for granted – the present, past or future.

Sounds tough right?

It’s actually not and I’m sure I’ll enjoy every second of it. Every time you visit, you get to leave with something worth celebrating about life. Trust me, I believe my little life hacks will keep your day running smoothly.

This is a lifestyle blog so you’ll see more of that plus other categories like Faith (and Jesus…He’s my engine), creative writing, book and films reviews.

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