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    Just Like Mortal Kombat

    I've done some analysis and finally realised- I wasn't born a fighter. I've never been one. When some persons meet an obstacle, they become so powered up, insulted even that they push so hard till they breakthrough. But I'm more like the Boov's in "Home", Dreamworks Studio's 2015 animation that invented "running away". While my mates fought, I practised surrender.

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    My Tailor Called Me A “Deeper Lifer”

    For as long as I can remember, I’ve always had tailor issues. No matter which tailor I went to, they always found a way to return my materials to me looking like something straight from the underworld and 70% of the time, I’d end up tucking these clothes at the bottom of my box, never to be seen until I no longer felt guilty about disposing them quietly. Last month, I decided it was time to sew some of the materials I’d received as gifts. You know, sew some simple gowns but this time I was going to get myself a nice tailor for once and I began to carefully…