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    ODESHI: E No Dey Leak!

    When the devil wants to do you something, he will do you such a strong one that you'll march to your destruction smiling. Have you heard of people making plans to cruise in hell? They say they prefer to party in hell than do boring worship in Heaven. Yes, something like that is what I mean by a strong thing...

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    I Hate Hating People

    I hate hating people. Maybe that's too strong for what I mean so I'll just say I hate not liking people. But you've got to agree with me- some humans don't want to be liked. I think when some of them were born, they took a blood oath to promise to be irritating to all living things. I remember one particular case. Mehn, this older lady was always in my face. She was always running her personal commentary on everything and everybody and doing so with scriptures. Like what! Can't you mind your business?...

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    Dear Parents, We’re Not Happy

    I was at a youth gathering when one of us suddenly stood up angrily to face one of our supervisors. Even if this lady had successfully stopped the tears in her glistening eyes from falling, we could still see the distress written clearly on her face. Here's what had happened: Though she had already missed the initial five days of the training due to work, she still pushed to join us for that Saturday's last practical session. It was all going well until the evening when she received a call from her mum asking her to return home immediately as it was getting dark. Her mum had called this supervisor…

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    The Celestials’ First Theatrical Experience: Watching God’s Script Come Alive

    Once upon a time, an announcement was made to every corner of the Galaxy and every ear that heard it tingled and mouths fell open. The old rumour was confirmed! Soon an innumerable or definable ensemble was at the Sovereign Theatre, built exactly for this purpose. Tonight was the opening night for the drama that had been the announcement earlier that day. The stage light was already set. It was focused on Earth. God's son was nowhere in sight. Even as their eyes confirmed his absence, some still did not believe. It was that incredible. Then, indeed he was the star of the film? Beings sat, whispers started

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    Why I Refuse to Walk in Darkness.

    I mean, how will I know not to go into a business because it'll collapse in 2 months? How can man tap into the eyes of God? How will I know not to allow my son to go to school that day even though he's crying that it's his best friend's birthday simply because, my spirit "does not sit well" with the idea? Only to turn on the News some hours later to hear of the bomb blast at ABC school, 3hours ago? How can I wake up from a dream

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    Be Careful Not to Eat Scorpions

    My neighbour was just rushed to the hospital. The boy ate a scorpion thinking it was meat. I mean I can't blame him, since he's only a child plus it was dark. Please help me pray for his quick recovery. And as you mention him in your prayers, please pray for yourself too or your friends that none of you will eat scorpions in place of meat too. But I'm afraid for you.