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    The Line You Should Never Cross as You Plan Your Future

    Day 13 Theme: Ambition I was in class one day when my General Studies lecturer, triggered by an event that morning decided to narrate to us all, a true-life event that happened in the same school, some years back. One that had bewildered many. It was the story of a girl from a very poor background. She got into campus, full of life and a strong desire to shed her stifling and embarrassing background. To live the life that had been denied her from birth. It was a chance to be free; to create her own story, not what life had so harshly forced on her by no fault of…

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    Introducing, a Shameless Person

    Day 10’s Theme: Trust As I thought about what to write on trust, today’s theme, I came up blank until I remembered a past event. A typical day in my house, especially when my two younger sisters are on a break from their boarding school can be likened to minor mental torture, pressure and incessant stress. Today, I want to let you in on what a real typical day in the Jeremiah’s household looks like. I hope you see something on trust through this somewhat strange drama…just like I did. Few weeks after getting my new laptop. Afternoon. 1:06pm (I’m on my bed when a sister comes to me).Her: Chioma…

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    Wings of Change: My Android Story

    I first heard of about the android phone from my younger brother. I saw one first in the hands of Adeoluwa. Adeoluwa, who once told me the "Ade" in his name meant he was from a royal family; a prince. Imagine my 8year old Disney-saturated brain and the magnitude of explosions, the word "prince" evoked in it then. It was a wonder I did not go on my knees paying homage immediately. Ade, like most of his specie,

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    Tekel: Let Man Weigh God

    I once heard of a woman. She was never seen without a balance scale on her hand. Always! The scale had two hands; the heavier the object placed on one, the more that hand would go lower. Now, this woman had only one heart desire and many reasons to be hopeless. Yet, whenever, she was feeling overwhelmed by her troubles, she'd place it on that scale of hers. To weigh them against God.

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    Unkind ( Short story)

    It was 1 am. Either way looked at it, it was too early or too late to be up. That didn't matter to Chika. She was frozen on the bed. She did not know how long she had sat there but she knew the pain gathering in her heart was unbearable, the thoughts churning in her head like pricks of needles. She beat her hand over her chest as if to massage the pain out. "Lord, pleasssee". Her hands were quivering, her shoulders shaking as she tried to keep her voice from rising enough to wake her roommates. "Lord, please", she gripped her hands together. "What have you done?"

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    Baby Magic (a poem)

    Her announcement brought jubilation, None it left without elation. To you, I must mention, Our inability to control our body's gyrations, The consequence of the revelation. Forgive us our over-celebrations. Very early we started preparations.

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    A Child’s Elder Look

    I visited once when he was five. After the usual initial one hour of shyness, we were buddies again, picking up as if we had never resorted to a long-distance relationship. That same evening, he marched up to me. Yes, I said marched. "Aunty Chioma." He called. "Uhhmm?" "I know very many things!", he said. Looking at his face, I burst out laughing. Maybe if he had been smiling, I would not have but the champ was sporting a small worried frown.