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    The OceanGate Misfortune Does Not Deserve Your Cynicism

    When I first read about the unfortunate OceanGate submersible incident yesterday, my first thought was, "These white people sef, they know how to look for trouble that's on its own. What concern these people with the Titanic that sunk over a century ago?" I had a rethink almost immediately. I asked myself why I was chewing that kind of rotten meat. There was no reason to fault the producers for "wasting money producing the submersible worth millions. For what?!" or fault "the millionaires looking for where to waste their money." I was engaging in the thought pattern of a mediocre human. I realized that I was speaking from a "poverty-stricken"…

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    The Untouchables: Death’s Masters (Short story)

    A slight tremor accompanied his question. " I said who are you?!". Matter of factly, the intruder stated, "You know me". He was now studying another painting, nodding regularly, as he internalized whatever revelation he was getting. With this oath of sincerity in place, it wasn't long when he had summarized the entirety of his life on two firm truths. One, he knew death. Two, he feared death. How could he not? He had witnessed its supreme power. He was a firm believer- in death.