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    Did I hear You Ask If He’s ‘The One’?

    One sunny day during my service year, this young man walked up to me at the parade ground, called me his sister and swore he was ready to marry me. He'd called himself my brother cause we were one of the few Igbo's present on that camp. Then he swore he was ready to pay my dowry soonest because he had loved me from the moment he saw me, and apparently done the calculations leading to the conclusion that I would make the best bride. The poor guy. He must have done a lot of research and seen how girls swallow the "marriage/dowry" hook. Too bad. This was the same…

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    The Celestials’ First Theatrical Experience: Watching God’s Script Come Alive

    Once upon a time, an announcement was made to every corner of the Galaxy and every ear that heard it tingled and mouths fell open. The old rumour was confirmed! Soon an innumerable or definable ensemble was at the Sovereign Theatre, built exactly for this purpose. Tonight was the opening night for the drama that had been the announcement earlier that day. The stage light was already set. It was focused on Earth. God's son was nowhere in sight. Even as their eyes confirmed his absence, some still did not believe. It was that incredible. Then, indeed he was the star of the film? Beings sat, whispers started