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    Cheers to My EFCC Mum

    I was sitting in front of my mum only some hours ago. I had a packed travelling bag with me as we had one of our "talks." I had had this our regular event pushed to the last minute until I was ready to leave through her doors. I came, as usual, to bid an official farewell when mum eyed me. "Sit down and tell me where you said you are going again?"

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    An Eclipse Story: My First Experience with Blindness

    On March 29, 2006, an uncle was taking me and my brothers to school when he shared some information with us. "There's going to be an eclipse of the sun today", he said. When we asked what that meant, he said the whole world would be covered in darkness during the daytime. Wow! Then he added that we must not look towards the sky throughout the day or when it was happening or we could go blind. Another wow! My head was swimming with the information and excitement. The only issue was that the moment he said that, I who had not had the slightest plan of looking up suddenly…

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    Dear Parents, We’re Not Happy

    I was at a youth gathering when one of us suddenly stood up angrily to face one of our supervisors. Even if this lady had successfully stopped the tears in her glistening eyes from falling, we could still see the distress written clearly on her face. Here's what had happened: Though she had already missed the initial five days of the training due to work, she still pushed to join us for that Saturday's last practical session. It was all going well until the evening when she received a call from her mum asking her to return home immediately as it was getting dark. Her mum had called this supervisor…