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    The Book of Chioma

    Sometimes I wonder what the book of Chioma would be like if God decides to release it to generations to come as an update to the Bible. You know how we love to read the book of Esther and Ruth and glean so much from the lives they lived? Well, I wonder what my story would sound like to others...

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    Checkpoints Wahala

    You must have seen them before- those mad officers on the roads everyone seems to hate so much. Those persons make you wonder if they have no better job than delaying your important journey for a measly #100 naira. Talk about shamelessness..

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    ODESHI: E No Dey Leak!

    When the devil wants to do you something, he will do you such a strong one that you'll march to your destruction smiling. Have you heard of people making plans to cruise in hell? They say they prefer to party in hell than do boring worship in Heaven. Yes, something like that is what I mean by a strong thing...

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    Why are You Behaving Like a “Town Hall?”

    Personally, I wonder why?! Why would a big man like that want to disgrace himself in front of the whole world? Why? When he could be relaxing in his self-built palace? But I also wonder why you like to disgrace yourself in front of the whole universe too. If you had both blundered only once, I won't be talking but ahahn, Adaeze and Akpos!

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    Dear Labalábá 🦋

    How far? Why are you so quiet today? I thought you decided that you would die unless I listened to you. I thought you have been vexing with me since I started ignoring you. Your body don finally calm, shey? That was how you saw Bro Silvanus some months ago and you started flying up and down like it was meat pie you saw...

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    The Silliest Story I’ve Heard in a Long Time

    Have you heard of Adam Leprascon before? In the 1960s, he was well known for his mileage in the world of AI especially at a time when only little was known about it. His program was placed in a white beautiful looking metallic horse. It had a nice bleat to it and okay running speed...for a robot. Seven months after this awesome invention, Leprascon took it home to be an official member of his family. Not long after, the family was to go on their annual vacation to his hometown in Switzerland. Unknown to them, their first boy who had been having a last-minute ride on the horse, forgot to…