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I Joined ‘The Honourable League of Mad Men’

NB: This is a second part. You should read the first part here before continuing.


Officially, Bola-Ahmed Tinubu, the APC candidate for the 2023 Nigerian General Election is a god. This man Roarrrrred and cowered an entire government of life-breathing, sense-having citizens. He deserves respect.

Today, I saw hope die in many and doubt overtake the rest. I saw knees bow to him and millions sing his praise in worship and reverence. I saw another thousand pledge allegiance to him and his system of rulership forever and something in me danced but I’m going too fast. Let me slow down.

After the initial shock, I went back to check. To consult the beads and put my ears at the mouth of the oracle. I was surprised to find that when Pharoah pursued the Israelites, he actually overtook them (Exodus 4:9). Their taskmaster caught up with them at the edge of freedom!

I tell you the truth; I have never seen that till today. This was the point my spirit man started dancing. You see, we were still on track.

For a moment there, I really really wished that I could join the counsellors in Heaven or peek at the Nigerian Emancipation Plan. I wanted to eavesdrop on God or at least the Angels. Not fair, this body we inhabit, I tell you.

I was gratefully reminded that my faith is my eyes. When I believe, I see these things come to life and live my reality before then.

To some, my words and that of many other Christians in the face of this disappointment is us “forming big shots,” or trying to cover up our shame. Hehe. Everyman to their own brain activity, I say.

This whole thing is more personal to me than I can explain. It is a ladder in my faith. For a long time, I have received the invitation to step into a deeper Christianity, “Join my Honourable League of Madmen,” Abba says.

Now, I get why that lesson on madmen came two weeks ago. This was where it was all leading to – today, the 1st of March when I will forever celebrate my anniversary as a madman.

The league of madmen consist of people who see and believe things others cannot. For this reason, many think them fools and call them insane (Hosea 9:7).

I heard God concerning this season and cannot deny it. I finally understand why Christians are admonished to go to war with a shield of faith. Darts targeted at our hearts and hope will come flying! I finally understand why only those that build on the word of God endure till the end.

And I am so grateful that this lesson is coming now when I am yet to go far in my life’s race. This is me pledging an allegiance to believe God’s words till the end.

For the sake of my generation and future family, I move into this. I refuse to always turn back or accept defeat simply because the physical does not seem so, wanting to “protect” the name of the Lord or many times my name.

I have read the Bible and I will challenge the God I see in its pages because if and when I will teach my children these things, it will be with my full chest or nothing.

Do you see these weightless morning devotions many households are known for? Going to church and dying slowly? Reading and not believing? Chai, may I not be a wretched believer.

You know how we love those feisty stories like; “…and Moses lifted his rod and the wind blew,” “…and Joshua looked up to the heavens and commanded the sun to be still,” “…and Abraham raised up his hand to slay Isaac,” “…and they were called David’s mighty men.”

See your big eyes. You like good legacy but you forgot how they sweated during those challenges. Did you forget that they all made it to the Believers Hall of Faith in Heaven? My name will not be missing.

So many things have been making more sense to me and coming alive since the 25th of February even till today. Now I get why we have an anchor.

The word of God has not changed. Nigeria is currently between Pharaoh and the Red Sea. We have been overtaken yet the instruction is, “I am going to part this sea.” Therefore I say to all my brothers and sisters who believe this to “wade in the water.”

Till the Lord parts this sea, however long it shall take, I will never return to the season of unbelief over this nation. I will never complain and curse God for giving us “false hope,” or reply to the mockery of our slave master.

If our War Hero, Jehovah Sabaoth has said, “Behold!” Then na only look we go dey look until our eyes comot.

Till then we wait with our feet in the sea unconcerned about the sharks there. Will you believe this? Or will you go back?

This post also serves as a second memorial. You can read the first memorial here. Still, drop a comment, will you? 💖💖

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