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    Shepherds That Love Meat

    Chief. Rev. Prof. Sir Ignatius, I know you don't joke with your ASUN. You like them hot. That is why all the ladies in your church show you their pants before you can prophesy to them. See as you started with pornography but now we are as confused as you are concerning this new appetite of yours...

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    Dear Labalábá 🦋

    How far? Why are you so quiet today? I thought you decided that you would die unless I listened to you. I thought you have been vexing with me since I started ignoring you. Your body don finally calm, shey? That was how you saw Bro Silvanus some months ago and you started flying up and down like it was meat pie you saw...

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    To Tear You Beta Slap Dey Do Me.

    So after everything you promised God the last time, you still messed up this badly? If I, a stranger, am this disappointed in you, imagine how Jesus feels. After all the investments he put into you? The prayer power, the study revelations, the different helps? Tor, Jesus was probably disappointed too. See as you have cried like somebody shoved a knife in your chest. E remain small make NEPA leave Kanji Dam dey use your tears take supply us light...

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    I’m in Awe of My Fellow Humans

    I think humans have gone mad. That is the only explanation for the amount of innocent blood that has touched this soil in history and is still pouring out into it. Yes, we must have gone mad! The murderers, ritual killings, robberies, arson and other different types of insanity. Age is not even a restriction! Teenagers too?!

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    O Beautiful One (a poem)

    Let me sing for you,O beautiful one.Your gaze reminds me hanging chandeliers.Your feet, of swinging lilies. Put your arms around me,O beautiful one.Shield me from the sun,That’s outside your embrace. Dance with me,O beautiful one.As you twirl me under the moonlight,Remind me of your promises to me. Dance for me,O beautiful one.Even when the pressure hitch my legs,Whisper your love again in my ears. Sit with me,O beautiful one.Let’s stay far from their preying eyes,As I get lost in your presence.