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    The OceanGate Misfortune Does Not Deserve Your Cynicism

    When I first read about the unfortunate OceanGate submersible incident yesterday, my first thought was, "These white people sef, they know how to look for trouble that's on its own. What concern these people with the Titanic that sunk over a century ago?" I had a rethink almost immediately. I asked myself why I was chewing that kind of rotten meat. There was no reason to fault the producers for "wasting money producing the submersible worth millions. For what?!" or fault "the millionaires looking for where to waste their money." I was engaging in the thought pattern of a mediocre human. I realized that I was speaking from a "poverty-stricken"…

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    There are many reasons people decide to marry like; training an heir, getting a free-for-life business manager or financial deal, needing a housekeeper or a beautiful arm decoration to go with his status, getting his mother off his neck, desire to join the married clique, his environment dictates so… and lot more than these. The Bible already expelled your headache by explaining who to choose. If he does not need a helper, please, bless his journey as he continues his search.

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    Many Christians have the Marriage Fever

    I was praying in service one morning when two words: MARRIAGE FEVER dropped heavily in my spirit and it forced me into a statue. God was saying I had marriage fever. I left the group prayer to whip out my phone and immediately googled, "Symptoms of Fever." The result page was startling enough that I did not need to go further. God started expounding it right there and funny enough it was not targeted at only me. I felt Baba's exasperation as he scolded all my single siblings and me together. He was like, "What is it, Chioma..."

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    SUNDAY THROWBACK: The Painful Years God Ignored Me.

    "At the count of three, the Holy Ghost will move in this place. One, two, three... Fire!" And half of the people were on the floor screaming. Except me. As a child born in the Church, this was one of the things I could not get: why God was ignoring me. Why had the Holy Ghost never thrown me on the floor? Instead, I witnessed over and over again people around me getting full of it and falling.

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    I Have a Crush on Lady Justice

    This beautiful woman I'm talking about today has been my phone's wallpaper for about six months now and I'm not even considering changing her yet. How can I when every look inspires me for different reasons? I know you know about Lady Justice but take a look at her again. Her blindfolded eyes represent impartiality while her scale is power itself (to me).

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    Lord, You Have Been Scammed!

    See your people, Lord. Just look at us! Who exactly is your problem? We or them? Lord, can't you see that you've been scammed? The gun you picked up to shoot has no bullet. How can it have when the pastor is asking his members to donate to missions while he uses the money to fund his international account?

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    Dem Never Born Dem๐Ÿ˜’

    Do you believe that no man born of a woman or snatched from her womb (did you see what I did here๐Ÿ˜‰?) can ever stop your progress? I read a book some years ago by Zac Poonen that settled this in my mind. Forgive me, I can't remember the name. In there, Zac explained that as an anointed young pastor, the superior pastor he was under was afraid of the members favouring him because of the grace in his life that the man did all he could to ensure he never got many ministerial opportunities and a lot more other heartbreaking things.