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The Midnight Concert Millions Are Rehearsing For

God warned and cautioned, but Pharaoh would not budge. At midnight, when the Angel of Death did pass, great wailing as never before heard pierced the cold night air. That was a midnight concert.

Another Passover is on its way. Have you identified with the blood of separation and mercy or you’re still waiting? Another midnight is coming. God has warned the stubborn sons of men to accept his sovereignty and bow in obedience but many still laugh and ask, “Who is that invisible God of slaves?”

I shall liken the ten plagues to represent the ten decades of man’s life, which is his pinnacle of longevity. From his birth to death, God calls to him saying, “Will you come to me? Will you follow me?”

I believe that not all Egyptians lived to witness the last “plague.” Think about those caught in the hailstorms, or those with low immune systems, or somebody falling in the dark and breaking his neck? There might even have been a few suicides from depression. But, that last “visitation” was the end of the matter.

One more time, God will walk amongst men, he will move through the land. His Angel of Harvest will pluck the people who have believed and shown their works by identifying with the blood of Jesus and will pick them out.

Once again, there will be wailing and gnashing of teeth to rival that of Egypt. This is the Midnight Concert of Wails. There shall be sopranos and tenors, altos and bass, heard from different corners but the lyrics shall be the same: “The Lord God, he is God!”

On what part of the land will you be? Eygpt or Goshen? Will that day be the one you went to greet a friend in Pharaoh’s palace?

Don’t wait till midnight to decide. What if it’s today? What if it’s the fifth plague that takes you? Will you be part of the concert or have you secured your seat on the plane taking off before it starts?

Ask for the Blood of Jesus now, plead for mercy, today.


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