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    TRUTH OR DIE? (A Short Story)

    As Kingsley Ejikeme took his fifth bite of the spicy gala sausage roll in his hands, he suddenly remembered where he had seen the boy that had given him the gala before. His uncle was Ifeanyi Anyanwu, his old friend. His forty-four-year-old hands shook once but he clenched them. Could this be coincidence? He shook off the foreboding feeling but it was too late. It had already taken root. At home, that evening, his hands paused at the eba and Onugbu soup that was his dinner. The thought of swallowing his favourite meal made his already unsettled stomach feel like emptying itself. His mind was on only one thing- A…

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    A SUNDAY THROWBACK: The First Time My Mum Caught Me Swearing.

    Note: Expletives in post. One Sunday evening, some years ago, I was in the kitchen as usual preparing dinner for my family, and I was not smiling. This event was right before I entered the University so I would be around sixteen. I was feeling frustrated…as usual too- all those crazy teenage hormones throwing a party in my system, making everything seem like the whole world was against me and my happiness. There I was, vexed and murmuring about how others have cool parents but I had to be only human unfortunate enough to get stuck with slave masters. I’m daydreaming about getting into the University and running free. Who…

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    Wings of Change: My Android Story

    I first heard of about the android phone from my younger brother. I saw one first in the hands of Adeoluwa. Adeoluwa, who once told me the "Ade" in his name meant he was from a royal family; a prince. Imagine my 8year old Disney-saturated brain and the magnitude of explosions, the word "prince" evoked in it then. It was a wonder I did not go on my knees paying homage immediately. Ade, like most of his specie,