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How I Imagine My Child’s Sex Education Will Go

Me: Do you like sugar?

Him: Yes, mum.

Me: Why?

Him: Uhm, ’cause it’s sweet, I guess.

Me: Who made sugar for you to enjoy?

Him: God.

Me: Are you sure? Can you prove it?😏

Him: Uhm, yeah! God made the sugar cane and we get sugar from there.

Me: True. Smart boy! So do you enjoy sugar then?

Him: Yep. Very much😌.

Me: Me too. Since you love sugar so much, would you love me to sprinkle some on all your meals- Jollof rice, maybe your fried eggs…what about your vegetables🤔?

Him: You’re kidding😂.

Me: No. Actually, I’m liking the plan. Let’s start with tonight’s Okro soup.

Him: Noooooooooo.

Me: You don’t like the idea?

Him: I like sugar but not in every food! No, it’ll be too much🤢. It’ll change the taste of the soup too.

Me: Exactly. Sugar is sweet but it’s not meant for everything. That’s just how sex is. Sex is good, created by God but even it, like every other creation has its boundaries and seasons.

The sea, the rain, the sun, the moon, and even humans obey the law of seasons. That is, exactly how sex was meant to be. God created this good thing and designed it to be between a man and woman in mutual agreement. A process we named marriage.

Imagine that the sun decides to shine for a whole month or the moon refuses to leave; think about the sea, if it suddenly decided that it no longer wants to stay in its quarters; the whole earth will suffer for that split decision; including the rich and poor.

The same happens when we go against the law of God to feed our body with sexual pleasure before it’s time- our bodies suffer. That’s the reason God describes immorality as a sin against ourselves.

Wherever and however sex happens outside marriage, it creates a blah situation🤢. Yes, exactly that face you made before🤢. It ruins everything. It makes others uncomfortable and unsatisfied which will lead to a whole cycle of extra problems. Outside of its design and season, sex messes up the taste and quality of people’s life and relationship.

Do you get me?

Him: Yes, I do.

Me: So, teach me. What did you pick from what I said?

Him: Sugar is sweet, sex is sweet too. Sugar is good, sex is good too. Sugar has its boundary; sex too. Sugar is meant for some meals while sex is meant for only one kind of meal- marriage. Outside of this plan, sugar destroys our food, and sex destroys our life.

Me: Bravo! Your wisdom is straight from God, did you know that? 😉👍

Him: 😊.

How do you imagine yours will go? Or how did it already go?

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