• Creative writing

    O Beautiful One (a poem)

    Let me sing for you,O beautiful one.Your gaze reminds me hanging chandeliers.Your feet, of swinging lilies. Put your arms around me,O beautiful one.Shield me from the sun,That’s outside your embrace. Dance with me,O beautiful one.As you twirl me under the moonlight,Remind me of your promises to me. Dance for me,O beautiful one.Even when the pressure hitch my legs,Whisper your love again in my ears. Sit with me,O beautiful one.Let’s stay far from their preying eyes,As I get lost in your presence.

  • Creative writing,  Faith

    Have You Seen My Baby? (a poem)

    From the Stables of a Backsliden Christian… What does God’s presence mean to you? How much do you value his voice? Do you still tremble in awe of him or like Peter, you’re standing afar off? I wrote this poem in May. It was a time when my life was filled with much sadness steming from my disobedience to God’s instruction and my confusion and desire to fix it all and return to the way it used to be. Funny how you may not have noticed the distance that slowly crept in between you and your saviour or you’re still where you veered off the path of righteousness. Maybe you…

  • Creative writing

    Baby Magic (a poem)

    Her announcement brought jubilation, None it left without elation. To you, I must mention, Our inability to control our body's gyrations, The consequence of the revelation. Forgive us our over-celebrations. Very early we started preparations.