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The Failed Retirement Plan

I get worried when I see parents cast all their hopes on their children. It’s TOO risky. Will the impending heartbreak not be too great to survive?

“When Esther finishes school at 23, by 25 she should be married and start sending me upkeep money monthly.”

“If I can struggle to send Yusuf abroad when I’m old and cannot work, he’ll take care of all my bills.”

These are samples of beautifully designed recipes for disasters; they are plans without substance. 

“The arm of flesh,” talked about in the Bible includes your children. Yes, even the one you sent abroad, the one you carried to hospitals for 5 years, and the one you sent school fees for 10 years.

How can you throw your future on the shoulders of a human? Don’t do it! It’s so funny, the Angels are not laughing. Now, that strength remains in your bones, work and work well.

Remove your wards from your retirement plan.

Look to Jesus!
Invest in your children, then look to Jesus!

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