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Checkpoints Wahala

You must have seen them before- those mad officers on the roads everyone seems to hate so much. Those persons make you wonder if they have no better job than delaying your important journey for a measly #100 naira. Talk about shamelessness.

But they are you know? Very shameless, I mean. All your abuses and curses do not disturb them as long as you drop your own “quota” as if they saved money with you.

Travelling to the East recently brought me in close contact with a LOT of them asking our driver to “do us Christmas” or “share the Christmas gift na”. Funny enough, these officials came with different uniforms representing different military and paramilitary defence departments. Some just want to ask for money and others actually do their security jobs.

I’ve seen tricycle drivers stopped by the roadside, pleading for their livelihood and destines. As if these officers care about those things as they drag the tricycles to their station. In fact, they swell in pride the more.

Yet, these officers know the kind of men they terrorize. I know for a fact that they avoid lawyers and other officers like themselves. Lawyers cause “Dem no like wahala” and officers because “na we-we.” These ones know the inside play and are accorded that honour.

Just as you cannot avoid these corrupt officers you see, so also can you not avoid the spiritual roadblocks. They come with their flimsy questions of “Who you be?” “Do you have a license to be on this road to greatness?” “Who sent you this way to prosperity?”

All I’m trying to say is that these checkpoints are legal while some are not. Some are rebellious spiritual officers under the Pharoahic departments trying to oppress those who don’t know their rights and often, they get away with it while others are legal, natural Red Sea officers who simply need the password before they open the door

This is not a time to be complaining about your problems.

This is not the time to be talking thrash about the officers on your way. Whether they manifest physically or not.

It is certainly not the time to be crying and begging any official on the road to destiny.

This is simply the time to call on your right. You are a lawyer yourself so what’s up? Why are you still standing there like an illiterate?

What does your constitution say? What does 1 John 3:8 say? That’s the matter at hand. How can you rightly divide the word of truth if you refuse to read it? How can you know your right if you refuse to learn about them?

Stop giving these officers respect. Ask your questions in the secret place now so you can ask them in the open later.

Go in now. Get your bible. The solution to that roadblock is in there. Stop arguing with that officer. Stop pleading! Go find the answer that throws them off your path cause without knowledge there can be no enforcement.

Are you waiting till you get to the checkpoint before you start learning your rights? Then Happy Delay to you!

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