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The Book of Chioma

Sometimes I wonder what the book of Chioma would be like if God decides to release it to generations to come as an update to the Bible.

You know how we love to read the book of Esther and Ruth and glean so much from the lives they lived? Well, I wonder what my story would sound like to others.

Will the spiritual man reading it, cry and shout, “Lord, give me a wife like Chioma or don’t give me any wife at all?!”

Perhaps ladies would groan and weep asking that every “Chiomatic” spirit in them be removed?

Perhaps parents would put their children to bed with stories of how horrible decisions like Chioma did always take people to the ditch.

Or maybe songwriters would release lyrics and sounds that make the sons of men ask for mercy- that they be delivered from every tendency to behave like Chioma.

Just maybe the book of Chioma would give readers the hope to keep going while pleading with God to make them strong.

Maybe theologians would study the book hoping to find secret knowledge to the greatness of Chioma.

This book of Chioma could end any of both ways, either good or not. It may end well after a series of such horribleness that nobody wants that kind of success story?

Well like I said…it could be one or the other. Maybe it’s a book of great success until one strange decision throws the entire story straight to hell.

I still wonder what my life story would be like and even right now I plead with God to help me submit to the story he’s writing about me. That the Lord will jealousy protect his beautiful book of Chioma from my hands.

Cause, believe it or not, such a book exists. It may never end in the Bible but there are many other great books men read apart from what’s available in the Bible. Right?

What’s better, the book of Chioma will forever remain in God’s library right where he has placed thousands of other books like David’s, Solomon, Peter, you name it. A place for every immortal to relax and enjoy.

That’s that but what do you think your book currently looks like?

What do you think will fill the remaining pages?

Perhaps you’ve made the unconscious decision to end with an incomplete book?

Perhaps your story looks messed up already?

I can assure you that if you and I submit to the hands of our saviour, our story will definitely end with a happily ever after.

But then it’s your decision.

Hebrews 10:7 [ESV]: “Then I said, ‘Behold, I have come to do your will, O God, as it is written of me in the scroll of the book.”

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