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Raw Food (a Poem)

When my eyes set on you,
I could not help but be struck.
How does your kind exist?

You keep to all moral standards.
You live by your own principles.
You obey nature’s laws.
You hate evil.

Your heart moves for the poor.
You feel pity for people in pain.
You work with integrity.
And you are loved by many.

You are a good person.
You advise people to do good too.
You hate racism and all its cousins.
You wish your neighbours well.

I heard you ignore evil people.
Because you believe in Karma.
You give humans chances to err.
You never seek revenge.

How is it that we are just meeting?
How are you this different?
You are so lovable…
Wait, what?

You have spoilt everything,
When you say, “there’s no God.”
How can you think your good is enough?
You don’t believe in an afterlife too?

I’m worried for you.
You are like a baker.
Who mixed his ingredients well,
Yet you forgot to put it in the oven.

Oh, what wasted effort!
Your meal would have been enjoyed.
But who eats raw food?
Every work is in vain if you refuse Jesus.

I hope and ache for you,
That your life’s offering be accepted.
Won’t you seek Jesus to be complete?

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