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    Shhh, Don’t Say a Word

    "...but why me Lord, why does it always have to me!" That would be screaming, complaining to God when he nudges me to keep quiet. That would be me when I have to swallow back the poison conceived in my heart making it's way up my speech organs. Growing up, I and my siblings reared ourselves in the mastery of verbal battle...yea, I mean verbal insults.

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    It’s my Love Life, Please Mind Your Business.

    It's official- I'm in love. I'm sitting at my dining table and I've been staring at this plate of noodles since afternoon. When I first looked upon its steaming persona coupled with its perfect texture I knew I had made magic. I'm still unconvinced that something so perfect could have come from so-imperfect-me. Maybe I could have resisted its passionate pull. I really tried, believe me, friends but I was undefended against that eggy aroma that was made to seduce even monks...

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    I Hate Hating People

    I hate hating people. Maybe that's too strong for what I mean so I'll just say I hate not liking people. But you've got to agree with me- some humans don't want to be liked. I think when some of them were born, they took a blood oath to promise to be irritating to all living things. I remember one particular case. Mehn, this older lady was always in my face. She was always running her personal commentary on everything and everybody and doing so with scriptures. Like what! Can't you mind your business?...

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    The Silliest Story I’ve Heard in a Long Time

    Have you heard of Adam Leprascon before? In the 1960s, he was well known for his mileage in the world of AI especially at a time when only little was known about it. His program was placed in a white beautiful looking metallic horse. It had a nice bleat to it and okay running speed...for a robot. Seven months after this awesome invention, Leprascon took it home to be an official member of his family. Not long after, the family was to go on their annual vacation to his hometown in Switzerland. Unknown to them, their first boy who had been having a last-minute ride on the horse, forgot to…

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    A Beggarly Romance Tale

    Yetunde’s father was disgusted as he sized the man talking to his daughter in the market. He could not believe his eyes. Were they deceiving him? Why were they telling him that his third daughter was eating chicken with a man and blushing as they talked? The eyes were even now adding the extra information that the man she was talking to was a beggar. He made a mental note to see his optician the next day. He must be overdue for new lenses. Mr Balogun was not a fool. He looked closer. He had lived on this Earth for fifty-eight years. He knew this game he was witnessing very…

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    Unkind ( Short story)

    It was 1 am. Either way looked at it, it was too early or too late to be up. That didn't matter to Chika. She was frozen on the bed. She did not know how long she had sat there but she knew the pain gathering in her heart was unbearable, the thoughts churning in her head like pricks of needles. She beat her hand over her chest as if to massage the pain out. "Lord, pleasssee". Her hands were quivering, her shoulders shaking as she tried to keep her voice from rising enough to wake her roommates. "Lord, please", she gripped her hands together. "What have you done?"

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    I’m Not Afraid

    Fear #001: The Choice I don’t want to do itI’m not sure…People don’t respond well to this sort of stuffThere’s no certaintyMy circumstances are not encouragingThere’s no one on my side I want to step out but something restrains me ”Show me the whole picture and I promise, i’ll do as you say”Only a glimpse is availableThe unknown is smoldering       To just trust?That’s YOUR big plan?You’re joking right?”Try or hide?”Those are my only options?!I’ll take number 2, thank you very much! Fear #002: The Hiding place I took the second option…I’ve found the perfect placeI’ve built the perfect walls Here, I don’t need to struggleHere, failure doesn’t existHere, I don’t need…