I’m Jealous of David’s and God’s Love…

I don’t think the man called David Jesse was very normal.

If the guy said only one-third of the things he said to God to me, I would have followed him to his house without marriage 🚶‍♀️.

Which kind of peppering is this one sef?😒

If you’re a relationship minister or teach godly love, romance or the likes, take it from me: Go and study David.

Those two, I mean God and David, I don’t know which of them is worse…

So one time like that, God thought he had David all figured out, after all, they’d been in the relationship for some time.

Then one day David just faced Him and said, “how can I be living in this beautiful palace and God in a tent. You know what, I’ll build you a beautiful house too”.

God shook! E shock him bad bad. Baba was not even experrinit. Remember that time Hezekiah prayed and cried, God sent back the prophet when he was still at the staircase. This time, He was speechless…

It took him until the night before he could talk and when he did, it was only a whisper:

“Ha! David. All these years, I’ve interacted with lots of men but no one has ever said this to me. You, like this…flesh like you want to build me a house? Ha, David. No, my love, let ME show you what a house can look like. I’LL build you a house”.

As God’s heart was shaking, my own was too. But did it end there? No🤦🏾‍♂️, David was not done.

Oga David went back to God, actually sat and started: “Stop it joor. I’m shy. Why do you always do this to me? You talk to me like I’m worth anything. You know I’m nothing yet you’ve favoured me so much. You’re the greatest and kindest God. Who is like you in all the earth? I too have met many gods but they’re mere wood. None compare to you in mercy or strength or…”

Tor, let me stop there. Just know that I’ve see better love. All these “sugar in my tea’ nonsense has got to be stopped. The ones swallowed, need to be vomited🤮. This is the standard of love we’re looking for now.

Ahh, on another note Baba can be such a softie (sometimes though…). See you wondering why God follow David go house and no dey ever gree comot? If na you, you go gree go?

“Where una dey find this kin love? Where una dey find this kin love?”

Oh boy, Baba God find am o.

If I can have David’s heart, my destiny is set for life.

When the bible described David as a man after God’s heart, it simply meant that David was always running after God’s heart and was already in God’s heart. If that’s not an effective two-way relationship, then I don’t know what is.

Lord, won’t you help this my hard heart?🙏🏽.

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