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No Dey Form God!

Be careful how you handle men. Be careful what you say about every man in secret, in public or even to their faces.

Do you even know who MAN is?

Just one man is an entire soul. Priceless beyond measure.

Why should men be offended in Christ because of you? Who you be?

Who do you think you are to control the destinies of men? Who made you a God to them? Just one word, gesture, inaction or action from you and you have influenced an entire being into a particular path…more often than not, a bad one.

Even a minister holding any office that allows you to talk to even one soul is a work that should be carried with great fear. Why should a whole soul be missing or go astray because of you? Because of what you wrote or said while bearing the name of God?

Who you be? A God had to die to buy back that one soul before. Which other God do you want to kill? When God puts their blood on your head, which part of your body can you sell to pay it back?

Every man, from a baby to the frail old man counting his last days, the girl child or male child. Whosoever that person is, treat them with great respect. Be it your spiritual child, biological child, whether of a different tribe, religion or intellect; the beggar on the street, or the prostitute at the junction. All men!

Know you not that whatever you do to any man is to the likeness of God? Even a clone deserves respect not to mention the exact likeness of creation’s leader. How can you say you honour God like this?

When you are in a position of authority, instead of you to allow God to use you to judge men, you changed the wooden stool for washing the feet of men you met there to a gold throne and you begin to speak anyhow.

You are ordering destines however you like. You are playing chess with nations. Or did you forget that one man is a nation, connected to another nation of nations, to influence another nation?

Why have you changed the wooden stool for washing the feet of men to a gold throne?

This matter is too complex and too dicey to attempt to do it alone. Let every man be calm. You are not God. Only God has the right to make moves with men because he alone sees every angle.

I ask you once again. Who in the name of the Lord do you think you are?!

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