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Many Christians have the Marriage Fever

I’ve always been disturbed about the topic of marriage. Many aspects of it never sat right with me. Especially, becoming a Christian and God taking away my return ticket and I knew the matter just got deeper. The meaning of scary is boarding a one-way ticket to an unseen destination with the Boogeyman. Talk about a horror movie, abeg.

Anyway, I’m in a better mental state than I used to be years ago. You can thank God for that. It hasn’t been easy for him either. Okay, that’s it for my background story to help you relate. We can proceed now.

I was praying about my marriage about a month ago, asking for clarity and the whole relationship prayer package when somehow these past fears began to sink into my heart again. Anxiety took hold of me and did not let go until I was a walking ball of fear for almost a week.

I knew something had gone wrong inside of me but all I could do was maintain my daily prayer for enlightenment because I felt I was missing out on something. Later, I understood what God did. He brought all my fears to the surface so that he could deal with them with one blow.

I was praying in service one morning when two words: MARRIAGE FEVER dropped heavily in my spirit and it forced me into a statue. God was saying I had marriage fever. I left the group prayer to whip out my phone and immediately googled, “Symptoms of Fever.”

The result page was startling enough that I did not need to go further. God started expounding it right there and funny enough it was not targeted at only me. I felt Baba’s exasperation as he scolded all my single siblings and me together. He was like, “What is it, Chioma…”

Let’s go:

HALLUCINATIONS: That’s why you all keep seeing things that are not there. That’s why there’s a lot of “God said” when God ain’t said no word yet. Some persons see themselves having a failed marriage in the future that they cry to God in level 5 fear.

SWEATING: Are you not hot on the inside? Are you not uncomfortable? Sis Sarah passes and you go, “Lord, is she the one?!” Bro Abel who just wants to appreciate the singing gift in Genevieve’s life calls her and the sister goes in her mind, “Lord, not him! Lord, not him! My husband cannot be short! Lord, no!” Many of us are so impatient, they cannot think straight again.

CHILLS AND SHIVERING: You are so full of fears of the future that you’re not living your best life now. You are worried about your children and every single thing! Every relationship message the single Christian hears, adds more fear to them instead of adding more strength of conviction.

Everyone is screaming at God: “Lord, I must not marry wrong!”

HEADACHE “Lord, I want this one! Lord, make him rich.” Some people are seeing five sisters in their dreams at the same time. What kind of self-inflicted confusion is this?

LOSS OF APPETITE: Your fears have stolen your love for me. Your purpose is getting less than half of your attention because all your prayers are “God when!”

MUSCLE ACHES: You sent yourself into relationships and have come out with pains never meant for you. You have not preached it yet but in your heart is the inscribed message: Men are Scum. Women are Selfish Golddiggers.

IRRITABLE: You have become so irritable that you can no longer hear me. You don’t trust me and want to do the maths yourself. You look at the failed “godly” marriages around and you hate my ways. You are offended with me because you think I’m a liar. You forget that you’re not them and everybody that follows my laws will never be ashamed.

DEHYDRATION: You are reading every relationship book you see and listening to every message not because you want to learn but because you’re thirsty for something and none of it can quench that fear rooted deep inside of you. Only my spirit can. I’m still the anchor of men.

GENERAL WEAKNESS: When was the last time you prayed? No, not ranting about your marital state but interacting with God. When last did you worship in true beauty? When was the last time that nature or God’s goodness made you smile and not Broda Shaggy? What was your last meditation about?

When it’s all been said and done because you allow this fever to go untreated for too long, you are not healthy enough to receive my choice for you. Many end up marrying wrong because of a lack of sensitivity or even marrying the right person too early.

Oh boy, my people. It was like God was flogging me cane. I realised I had many of the symptoms right there. What the heck! I was sick?

I immediately left joint prayer as I laid my hands on my head and asked God to pour me cold water. Abeg, let all this heat and fever leave me immediately. I no do again o. I will have sense. I will not waste my life because of man. Egba mi o.

My fellow singles in the house,

Will we not pray? Will we not fast? Will we not wait? We will o. But we will not kill ourselves. We will not pray in fear and unbelief. We will not cry up and down as if our Father in heaven is deaf.

Is your purpose in life to be married or to impact your generations and disciple men for Jesus?

I know Jesus said to follow him and he’ll make us fishers of men but my brother and sister, no be that kind fish he mean.

Did you notice how the marriage fever is rooted deep in fear? Do you know how much God dislikes fear? What pleases God the most is when he sees the trust his people have in him. Without faith, it is impossible to see God.

Fight this fear! Fight that marriage fever. See, tell yourself that you will not pray about marriage for a week. Try it. Tell God that you trust what he’s doing and you want to only pray for souls through this week.

Marriage is a big deal but we’ve taken it far away from that. We’ve given it a throne and crown and made it rule over us.

My brother, CALM DOWN!

We will have rest of mind. One of the promises of God is his peace that passes understanding and it doesn’t come after the brother or sister appears. No, we will be walking in it before and after our partners come.

We will relax. God is in control. Why is it so hard to believe that God sees us, loves us and will guide us into his will?

Receive God’s rest on this matter. Run after purpose, my dear. Let God take care of his business for you.

P.S. You’re his business.

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