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To Tear You Beta Slap Dey Do Me.

So after everything you promised God the last time, you still messed up this badly? If I, a stranger, am this disappointed in you, imagine how Jesus feels.

After all the investments he put into you? The prayer power, the study revelations, the different helps? Tor, Jesus was probably disappointed too.

See as you have cried like somebody shoved a knife in your chest. E remain small make NEPA leave Kanji Dam dey use your tears take supply us light.

You have slapped yourself multiple times, you have prayed, rolled on the floor and pleaded for mercy. You still don’t feel it is enough.

Na why I come be that. I don tire for you o.

See as dem Celestial beings leave us for queue wey we join since. We, wey people select as delegates of this Naija say make we ask them immortals say if dem go fit show us mercy for this next election bayi. Say, maybe we fit get better president wey we go dey like see for television?

Na im we hold this angel say, “wetin na! We don dey here since. This line no dey move?” This angel come talk say im no go fit open door o. Say na your matter dem dey deliberate since.

As I check calendar, I shock. Five months! E don reach 5 months and you never wan move on?

Na im I swear say if I no leave that queue, come back, come tear you better slap, my body no go gree me sleep this night. Na im I don come.

Please, permit me to slap you too. Your hand must be tired by now. Maybe it’s my own slap that will help you move on, ehn?

If ministers have used different methods to beg you but you have refused, please let me the chosen slapper that will return sense to you.

You just can’t let go of that guilt? You are saying none of us understands how stupid, how low you allowed yourself to fall.

Miss Wisdom Understanding, shebi God too does not understand ba?

It has been months now. You have stopped going to Church and doing your godly activities because you must punish yourself. Even your co-sinner going to church still has a part of her hidden away from God. What is wrong with the both of you?

Madam Sinner and Miss Sinstress, when will you forgive yourself? Shebi as I have called you by your surname, you don happy ba? Or is it “Young Mistress Satan”, you prefer?

I say WHEN WILL YOU FORGIVE YOURSELF? God moved on long ago but you have refused to follow.

Madam, you have not earned his mercy, TRUE. You did not earn his forgiveness, TRUE but he has sha given it and will not collect it back.

What are you going to do now? You wan flog him say im too dey forgive you ba? You dey vex say why he no gree kill you, this dirty thing?

Do you think all this punishment you are giving yourself moves him?

Do you think packing half of your savings to give to the poor, will make him forgive you better since when he told you he has, it may not have been heartfelt?

Do you think still asking for forgiveness for the 155th time makes him see your sincerity?

Or maybe you want to embrace the mafia culture of repentance abi allegiance by cutting off your little finger for him ba?

Maybe if you give yourself a permanent scar, or take a blood oath, his heart will shift towards you in REAL forgiveness ba?

Maybe if you hit your head 50 times as you now do, it will show your sincerity.

See, my sister nothing you do can yield better efforts abi deeper repentance. The first time you sought his face, he forgave you. Face it! You need to see it.

Please, forgive yourself.

It is grace! Simply not by your earnings but it’s yours. Even if it’s the thousandth time, you are still forgiven. That’s why it is called GRACE.

Please, Beloved, forgive yourself.

I say “Beloved” because that is who you are. As I dey para for heaven that day na im ogigi Jesus come out o. E talk say make I no vex with his child, say you be my sister too. Na im I calm.

My dear, do you know that the more you keep listening to the devil and refusing to let go of your past, he has a thread linked to you and soon, very soon, he will pull you back to that your sin in a worse fashion. Then the bastard will come again to tell you, “I told you so.”

The celestials never ansa us because na you Dem give the intercession mantle wey we suppose dey use knock for their door but see you na. You no even fit look heaven again, talkless of saying, “in Jesus Name.”

The quicker you embrace his forgiveness, the stronger you can get. See Akin na, e don join cult because you no get mouth pray for him unto say you no get the right again. Who talk am?!

See your younger ones going astray because you no dey do Bible study for them again unto say you no get right. I say, who talk am?!

Madam, don’t mind the devil calling you a sinner cause you are not. I say you are not! You are a child of God! Washed in the blood of Christ! Given a fresh start. If you no get right talk to your papa, shey na the accusing bastard get the right?

Make I even shock you. The guy dey go behind your back go talk to your own Papa o. Ahahn, you dey whine me ni. I say he dey my own queue! And you never wan vex use broom sweep am away comot from your property. This sweeping go start from inside your head o.

Abeg, vex my sister because the only person who has the right to condemn you is the person that paid for your sin but he does not condemn you. Abi, na the devil you sin against? See me see trouble o. Why this guy go dey put mouth for wetin no concern him?

I call you sister because we share a father. I still dey wait make the line start to dey move. Please, don’t keep us waiting.

My sister, go and sin no more.

Romans 8:33-34

[33]Who will accuse God’s chosen people? God himself declares them not guilty!

[34]Who, then, will condemn them? Not Christ Jesus, who died, or rather, who was raised to life and is at the right-hand side of God, pleading with him for us!

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