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The Last Salute

Remember when I said I had two lessons I picked from my YouTube your of this mad world we live in? This is the second one. Read the first here.

I think the Biafrans went through a lot when they tried to seceded between the year 1967- 1970.

Biafrans suffered! Hei! My people suffered!
Igbo Kwenu! 
My people, we suffered!

The Nigerian Civil War was a totally unbalanced one yet we stood for what we believed in.
See that video from @Bisi’s YouTube Channel on the war.

We did well. We fought well. Igbo Kwenu?
I heard God whisper in my heart, “Will you also fight well?” See this video to understand better.

That commanding officer said, “WE, WHO ARE ABOUT TO DIE SALUTE YOU.” Haya! That was it for me.

In the wake of the recent “Darkest Night” Drama Ministrations, that line struck deeper.

The time is coming for Christians to take their stand. Christians…Word Christians are grossly outnumbered. You say one and you are called a fanatic or religious bigot. See the little thing Evang. Mike Bamiloye said about Nollywood and the need for modesty and they want to chop his ear off.

But this stand will be a personal one. We might share banners but every man must decide for himself in that field of his.

Everyone will be asked to pay the “supreme price.” Funny enough, those waiting for a gun might not see it but money will be presented to them in their time of extreme lack.

Will singers be willing? Manual labourers? Artisans? Civil workers? Medical practitioners? Even if they are called unprofessional for their stand?

Will men be like Paul willing to embrace death and persecution? Will they choose to be like the Biafrans who stood their ground?

Will those who are about to die be like the Hebrew boys that said, “even if you will not save us, we are willing to pay the supreme price?”

Will they give the LAST salute without any grudge, without offence?

I rest my case here.

May the Lord help you and help me.

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