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Bro Churchill, Kneel Down

Why have you sworn to dispatch God’s body to the different ends of the world when you’re not a delivery agent? Why can you not allow us to be one? These days, we have even forgotten your name. If not for your Church which you remind us of at every opportunity, we would not have what to call you by now.

The other day you said your new nickname is now your pastor’s name. Brotherly, are you the only one that has a Church? Sisterly, you don’t even know the real meaning of a Church or you would have sought help for this your illness by now.

Any small argument that comes up, you say, “My Church does it better.”

Someone shows you a performer, you say “My church would have pushed him out more.”

“Bro, did you hear that that girl went mad?” And you reply with an, “If they had brought her to my Church she would have been healed by now.”

Someone posts a picture and you tag it, “Lol, my Church would have not allowed this kind of cloth.” Or “My Church would have let you wear something better.” Must you compare?

Someone recommends a message to you, but you refuse to listen to it because only ministers from your Church are right. I said, must you compare?

You speak more about your church or ministry than you speak about the gospel.

You even ask a stranger you just meet the name of his Church.

You praise your pastor more than you appreciate or honour the entire offices of spiritual leadership.

My dear, since you have decided not to behave like a Christian, we have also voted to change your name to Churchill.

Brother Churchill, it seems that you have forgotten a crucial directive: Different operations, same Lord. Different styles, one mission.

Can you love the whole body of Christ? Can you see souls and not mere men? Can you see humans before you see clothing? Can you smile at your neighbour before checking their footwear or scarf?

Can you proudly call another Christian, “brother” or “sister” with the purest of intention and affection?

Can we agree that though we are all using different tools, we’re building the same structure?

Can you accede that though we’re entering different vehicles, we are heading to the same location?

Can we concur that we are all married to the same groom?

Can we agree that Jesus is the head of us all?

Since you decided to create this new Churchill Ministry of yours, what have you gained from it? Think about it. Change before pride does you a strong thing. Please, repent before you lose all the men God will send your way.

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