Mouth Weightlifting Champions Amongst Us

Even if you’re the National Mouth Weightlifting Champion or plan a future as one, why is your mouth this heavy?

I came today to forcefully discourage you from this career path because it cannot take you anywhere. My dear when you see something you like, just say so. It removes nothing from you but adds everything.

Make giving compliments a part of you. “Sis, I love your hair. How did you get that twist!”

“Congrats on that new certificate. Oh boy, I’ll like to do the same one day.”

“My brother, that shoe is it for two?”

“I love that presentation you did. I have never seen it in that light before.”

“Sir, I honour your grace.”

You don’t have to make it flattery. Say no flattery, eye service and ass-kissing. That’s why you should look for what you really like in that person.

Something simple and believable is the goal. You don’t know how much it helps people. You could light up someone’s world without effort. Talking about self-esteem is another story altogether.

Telling someone you like them is not a sin either. Yes, I mean both male and female alike. Let people know what they mean to you. Enough with the forming! Make it a lifestyle. Life is short. Let’s make good use of it.

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Hi, I'm Chioma Jeremiah. I'm passionate about helping my community see the beautiful light that each day brings. My goal is to inspire you with everything that will make each read the best for you.

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