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Dear Labalábá 🦋

Dear Labalaba-in-my-belly,

How far? Why are you so quiet today? I thought you decided that you would die unless I listened to you. I thought you have been vexing with me since I started ignoring you. Your body don finally calm, shey?

That was how you saw Bro Silvanus some months ago and you started flying up and down like it was meat pie you saw. If it was Indomie you saw now and started doing anyhow, will I complain? No! But bro. Silvanus? Haba. When did that one start?

The twelve hours marathon prayers Church fixed last week, person no see your brake lights o. I was hoping you would help me gather a little excitement but I did not see your nose, not to mention your face.

You will be dragging your feet because it is prayer abi. Nonsense you.

Shebi I told you to calm down you no listen. Like say I no hold you that time, you dey wan plan to meet oga Silvanus yourself. It’s well with you oo. My dear, it is well with you o!

When I scattered that plan, you came up with another: For me to start dressing up and showcasing myself… as the peacock you created na. I still stopped that plan then you began to protest.

Next thing I knew, you no dey gree me sleep for night again. Na so I go dey turn-turn like person bed bug dey bite on top say I dey dream about Oga Silvanus.

I thought it was over o, but then you made this bro enter my prayer point. I would be praying on my own and before I knew it, I’m harassing God to give me the brother as my own. Ha, you do me bad thing o.

If not that in all your doings, I never listened for long, shebi this is how me and you go don turn mumu together now. Thank God say as you take stubborn, na so I get craze for head.

Now that you have used your eyes to see Oga Silvanus behind the toilet with his hand crawling under Sis. Agatha’s skirt, you don calm immediately. Shebi your fever don stop like person wey dem pour cold water. Labalaba, talk na! Talk now or remain silent forever.

Next time when I dey talk, try to dey listen.

You, with a lifespan of not more than 30 days, you want to control me. ME. You want to help me choose the person I will be with for more than one thousand of your lifetime? Dey play! Mugu, dey play.

You, that only see beauty and “prayer power” and English Language and dressing sense, are you the one to help me choose a life partner? Dey play!

Anyway, as you calm now, I say make I use this opportunity warn you and your descendants. Oga butterfly, wetin happen these recent months, make I no see the repetition ever again.

Let me confess to you now. These last four months, I have just been laughing at you. It’s not your fault though that nobody told you about me. Your people did not tell you that I don’t live my life after the flesh but by the Spirit of God.

I know say you no dey hear word but I go still talk my own. Listen well. If you like, dey shake, dey fly up and down, dey do like say you wan die, na until Baba God talk before I go move.

Make we see if na you get me or na me get you.

Let me repeat it again for your own good. If you like be turning upside down inside my stomach. If you like let me be sweating like a thief or my knees be shaking like leaves in the wind, you are on your own. Until God speak, I no even go dey look your face.

If they sent you to look for a relationship victim, tell them that you saw my door and knocked but nobody opened it for you. That you even peeped at my window but my room was empty. Nonsense you!

*Labalaba means butterfly to Yoruba people found in Western Nigeria.

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