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Shepherds That Love Meat

Chief. Rev. Prof. Sir Ignatius, I know you don’t joke with your ASUN. You like them hot. That is why all the ladies in your church show you their pants before you can prophesy to them. See as you started with pornography but now we are as confused as you are concerning this new appetite of yours.

These days, your heat tolerance is getting stronger that even MARRIED women and MALE folks are now part of your palate. I see you sweating as you peruse the flock for fresh arrival. Well done, sir. I greet you. It is not easy to successfully turn a whole flock to your food.

Minister, Prophet, Agbado, I know it is SUYA you like. See as you are already salivating. You have left God’s people hungry and turned them into your workers. They are now your retirement plan as you and your family traverse the universe.

The Word of God is non-existent in your church while you use his flock to paint the Church. I saw you announce in the last Crossover Service that God said the church must have two new buildings and 10 branches in 10 states by the end of the year.

Even your Angel has been going through the documents since January 1st to find that memo you announced but till now we have not still seen him. I even heard that you now wear a power ring on your tongue to jazz people.

See as your Church people are broken down, sick and malnourished thinking they are pleasing God not knowing they have long entered your teeth.

Minstrel and Evangelist Siana, don’t talk much. I know it’s PEPPERSOUP you like. That’s the only thing you have been ordering for 5 years now. One plate of pepper soup coming up.

It’s been years since you spoke the truth last. It’s only parting and notes that you have been feeding God’s people. When did this appetite for meat start?

Mummy Evangelist, Pastor (Mrs) Writer, I hail you and your INU ERAN, (meat insides) recipe. Lies, that’s the only thing you speak now. You change God’s message to cotton buds to scratch their itching ears with. You have carried the online ministry given to you to strange abattoirs and their butchers have taught you how to lure and stylishly kill the flock God gave you. You are doing well.

Bro. Enoch, I like you because you like to keep it simple. Just FRIED MEAT. Nothing much. That is why you like to mind your business. All the problems going on in your country and the Church does not concern you. No intercession, no burden for lost souls, your talents, you have buried. Your gifts sef, you refuse to use. You just want to focus on your career and legacy here on Earth.

When you are not sleeping, jejely-jejely, you are moving. You want to make heaven alone. Now you have taught the people around you the same nonsense. Selfish, spiritually lazy problematic sheep is what you are raising for God. The ones you have not lost, you have done genetic redesign on and turned into goats.

Rev. Elisha Ibiakpor, you don’t like fried meat cause it’s too hard. You like your meat BOILED INSIDE OFADA STEW that way it does not look too ordinary. The only thing you enjoy is when people are falling and screaming during your ministrations.

These days, during half of your services, it is the demons inside the people you are delivering that are preaching the sermons. Your people only know how to jump in church and shout, “Hallelujah” but small wind and we are looking for them.

This was not how you started oo but since you discovered the sweetness of that fried Ofada Stew, you have lost your mind. The glory and human worship are dancing in your head while the people you are supposed to care for are getting lost.

Prof. Rev. (Mrs) Othello, I respect your ASSORTED MEAT frenzy. You like your dish mixed. That’s where the true taste is, I know. You are now mixing ministry with your knowledge. You now eat from anywhere that sounds nice.

You have lost focus so you don’t believe in consecration again. The last time you received heavenly instruction was four years ago. Now, see your sheep having different spirits because you are teaching them to be whatever they want to be.

The last time heavenly supervision was carried out, they found camels, wolves, turtles, jackals and tigers in your church alone. Among sheep? What a joke. Just for your information, you are no longer running a sheepfold but a zoo.

Apostle, Prophet, Teacher Leckingway, I greet you, sir. Say no word. I know you have overgrown such ordinary dishes as your counterparts. It is POT-AU-FEU you like. You like it French. You love your dish exotic, expensive and high sounding.

That is why only you and your Angel know where you got these strange doctrines from and see the millions following you. You are telling men to relax in this war going on? You are not teaching the people to fight? You cannot teach them holiness because it’s too stressful. Discipline is too much work because Jesus has done all the work.

Shepherds, Open Your Ears!

Help me greet your fellow shepherds standing beside you. Tell them, “Well done.”

The owner of the meat you have been eating will soon come. Then he will ask for Sarah whom you gave money for abortion; Matthew whom you sent out of the Church because of the message of warning he brought to you; Elder Muyiwa whom you assassinated; Amaka, the second wife you said God gave you and Barr. Ife that finances all your church projects.

I see you searching your pockets like you kept them there until the owner of the sheep will get irritated and force your mouth open. He will use a knife instead of a toothpick to remove his sheep’s flesh from your teeth then he will make you digest the meat in your stomach with a full bowl of bitter judgement.

Let me shock you.

If you escape judgement here, if no one ever finds you out here, you cannot escape eternal judgement. Beware!

Ezekiel 34:4: You have not made the diseased ones strong or made well that which was ill; you have not put bands on the broken or got back that which had been sent away or made search for the wandering ones; and the strong you have been ruling cruelly.

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