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Just Like Mortal Kombat

We’re at that peculiar season again where many will be walking on eggshells, trying hard to keep to their new year resolutions- Saying no to those cigarettes, the alcohol, the excessive sleep time, the extra plate of food.

More productivity, less screen time, regular exercise, more writing time, financial freedom, more time for the kids, no bad words…

Yet, there are others already feeling pathetic cause they’ve failed three times already and it’s only the 3rd day in the year!

Fact is, by the end of the month, at least 20% would have given up on their goals.

It can be both funny and sad at the same time. But I’m not laughing. We’re probably in the same boat. Except for one tiny detail. I have no intention of giving up halfway.

Last year for me can be described as simply: “tiring”. Trying so hard to achieve things that seemed always at the tip of my finger yet beyond reach.

I’ve done some analysis and finally realised- I wasn’t born a fighter. I’ve never been one. When some persons meet an obstacle, they become so powered up, insulted even that they push so hard till they breakthrough.

But I’m more like the Boov’s in “Home”, Dreamworks Studio’s 2015 animation that invented “running away”.

While my mates fought, I practised surrender.

When an argument comes up, even if I’m sure I’m right, I won’t argue.

When I meet strong opposition, I evade it.

It’s the cowards way out but it’s saved me a lot of trouble and heartaches. But I’ve not achieved much either.

That’s just the thing. God wants all his children to be fighters. Technically, every Christian is already registered in a wrestling tournament every second of the day (Ephesians 6:12).

Reminds me of Mortal Kombat too- The fight between good and evil, champions of each realm protecting their kingdom, winner takes all.

Just like our fathers of old, Abraham, David, Joshua, Isaac, Jacob and many others…meek men, shepherds some, until they laid hands on their swords and heads begin rolling. Haha.

How else can God’s kingdom be seen on the earth unless he has warriors willing to fight for it? To push until they can see the Heaven on Earth.

So yes, I’ve done my thinking. I’ve taken stock of lost battles, I’ve noted my weakness and here’s to me making war this year and winning them. Yes, you heard me right. It’s beyond defence now. We’re going on the offensive.

Waring against the flesh, self, devil, pulling down strongholds, anything that exalts itself against the knowledge of God, capturing thoughts in obedience to Christ (2 Corinthians 10: 4-6).

So if you’re feeling weak already, doubtful, sad, hopeless about the new year, I need you to know that’s the voice of the enemy. So shake it off, give him a slap with God’s word. Cause you’re stronger than you look.

Decide to fight. One day at a time. If you fall, you pick yourself up and continue. We’re getting to the finish line. Our fathers did, so we can do.

Wheee! I feel all giddy inside already knowing it’s going to be an experience. It’s going to be bloody! I’m gonna put to death so much this year, I’ll be dripping in blood. Hallelujah!

It won’t be easy. I know this. You know this but thank God for the Helper of Israel and blessed be the God of David who teaches my hand to war and my fingers to fight.

Also Happy New Year to you all!

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