Do You Agree👍 or Disagree👎 With Michal’s Punishment For Mocking David?

Permit me to start with this exclamation:  I just love that woman called Michal!❣️

For those that know who Michal is. She was the daughter of King Saul and was given to David as wife as reward for his service to the king.

Personally, I feel she must been very pretty too and also been a good person.
I say this because I remember her stand for the love of her youth and later husband. How She devised a nice plan to help her David escape when her father wanted to kill him? She was even sarcastic to the king when he demanded an explanation for her “betrayal”. Yep, definitely my kind of woman.

After David became King, do you know he personally asked that she be returned to him before he made an agreement with Abner for the kingdom?(2 Sam 3:13). David sha eh, somebody was offering him Kingdom and all he asked for was for woman.

Though, I forgive him as I reckon that if all she had being while with him was a nagging wife, or a beauty with empty skull, or proud, lazy or wicked, he would not have asked for her again. I mean good riddance right? Abi who like wahala.

What’s more striking is that when Ishbosheth took her from her-then current husband. The man followed behind her weeping on the road. I’d have understood if he sulked or even wept at home or followed behind her silently but he not only cried but WEPT openly! How he must have loved her right? She must have been very valuable to both men.

It’s my conclusion that Michal was a virtuous woman. Proverbs 31:12 says the virtuous woman does her husband good and not evil all the days of her life. I’m willing to bet she did just that to both men she found herself with.

Here is my pain

After all these records, the last we hear of her is that she became barren all her lifetime. This, “only” because she saw her husband dancing “disgracefully” and mocked him for not being royal enough.
Do I blame her? No. I’ll explain.

You see, Michal is a princess. As one of the last children, I feel she must have been born and bred as royalty from the beginning unlike big brother Jonathan and maybe big sis, Merab.

Now, guess whom she learned royal etiquette from? Saul. Yes, that Saul you know. The same man that was challenged with disobeying God and honouring men more than Jehovah. Yet, he had the effontry to ask Samuel to honour him before the people further by offering the sacrifice with him instead of falling in front of them to seek for mercy from God.

Saul, our packaging king; the man who ruled for years without God And was not perturbed. This our Odeshi king even went for many battles without God.

Do you think Saul could bare living without the comforts of the palace? I mean see the way he pursued one man, God’s own anointed because of one song, he did not even compose himself. Let’s digress, Do you know what it means to pursue God’s anointed? It means to pursue God himself. Ask his new testament name sake what Jesus said to him when he jammed him on the road to Damascus.

I fear Saul, that mad king that slaughtered 88 of God’s priests in one-day without fear.
Do you think Saul could ever be caught even dead without impeccable carriage as expected of him as king? Never. (I mean he even chose to kill himself in “honour” instead of being caught and humiliated by his enemies.)
After watching her father and growing with this unconscious mindset of “carriage”, of course Michal was disgusted with David’s “expressive” and anti-royal actions before the people.

What To Learn From Her Sad Case

My dear, learn everything from princess Michal’s life but don’t pick her concluding narrative. Yes, you’re also a king. Hallelujah, you’re also a priest. What are we talking about, you’re a god! But, WATCH YOUR MOUTH.

The sad judgement that came over Princess Michal did not ask who taught her this mindset. It did not ask what the person she was mocking did. It did not ask how old she was in the faith or her depth of revelations. It did not check her previous records of virtuousness and good works. It just landed on her. Forever….

Oh boy eh,
Be careful of what you do or say or even think against anointed men of God. This also applies to ANYONE in a position of authority over you; Your parents, husbands, church leaders, elders, even the government (may God help us in this matter).
See, if you can’t put your head down and submit, why stay there? My sister, Leave! (except in marriage then it’s by force. Sorry) Why gather curses for your generation?

Note something; David was not the one that cursed her. In the same way the person over you doesn’t need to curse you themselves but watch out oo…see your destiny playing Jumanji.

My people, whether you’re for or against the seriousness of Michal’s punishment is not my business neither should it be yours. My business (and yours too) should be to carry our destiny, wrap it wella then place it carefully under an armpit as we silently tiptoe from anywhere discussions against men of God are.

Even if the person deserves the lash, it should not come from your lips! Why sit on the seat of scourners? Zip your lips and pretend you can’t hear the discussion anymore!
People will think you a coward when you do this. Others will call you over spiritual, yet another batch will think you a fool for refusing to have an opinion on “that matter”.

Bros, at any of this point, pick that your destiny, inspect it for stains or tear-tear, dust it, then replace it back under your armpit as you sáré like somebody that forgot his plantain on the stove.

Let’s leave every man to be judged by his own master(Romans 14:4). Abeg, I’m too young to “die Young” a.k.a be barren . Let’s be called fools instead.

Thank you for reading. Do you have an opposing view on Michael’s case? Then drop a comment below.

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