Tekel: Let Man Weigh God

Theme 7: Drought

I once heard of a woman. She was never seen without a balance scale on her hand. Always! The scale had two hands; the heavier the object placed on one, the more that hand would go lower.

Now, this woman had only one heart desire and many reasons to be hopeless. Yet, whenever, she was feeling overwhelmed by her troubles, she’d place it on that scale of hers. To weigh them against God.

Turns out, God’s promises were so tangible (to her) that each time she’d pronounce him, “Faithful!”.

That woman was Mama Sarah, Abraham’s wife.

Also, I know, that she’s not the only one that walked life with a scale. All humans have and will. I’ve even seen you use yours. Every one of your choices has been a result of it.

Like the balance scale hands, our options will always be two. Never less. Never more. That choice between good and bad, life and death…God and sin.

You don’t see yourself doing it. It does not even take seconds. It works with a similar speed as your brain’s command to parts of your body- like your hand moving a spoon of rice to your mouth.

To lie or to tell the truth?

To slap her or not to slap her?

To have sex now or to wait till marriage?

To wait, or not to wait?

Can he provide or can he not?

To wear this or not to wear it?

God gives men that opportunity to weigh him…HIM and when some do, they shout, “Tekel! Tekel! Not enough. Wanting!” Imagine heaven’s wonder.

My unease is why Jesus always has to fail our interviews? Why is HE the one that always has to lose in your decisions? Over and over again.

We put him on a hot seat, give him the test questions and then mark him down.

Check God’s result sheet in your life, you just may find lots of Ds, Es and Fs.

Just when it matters the most, when he thinks he’s proven himself enough and he’s finally going to get an A from you today, you turn to that neighbour beside you to ask for the answer to number 4’s question…and the likes.

We preach it, read about it, sing it, then situations come and we’re Not Choosing HIM.

Joshua and Caleb put him on their scales and pronounced, “Faithful”.

Shadrach and his friends did the same and said, “Faithful”

Eve used hers and it said, “Liar”.

Saul used his, and said, “Very Late”.

No supernatural force will choose for anyone. That choice will always fall to you. You, my dear, will grade God and then you will announce His score, in secret or the public.

When we start believing God, when we stop being quick to say “Tekel, wanting!”, then this drought of God’s presence injuring our generation can finally cease.

Hi, I'm Chioma Jeremiah. I'm passionate about helping my community see the beautiful light that each day brings. My goal is to inspire you with everything that will make each read the best for you.

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