Be Careful Not to Eat Scorpions

My neighbour was just rushed to the hospital. The boy ate a scorpion thinking it was meat. I mean I can’t blame him, since he’s only a child plus it was dark.

Please help me pray for his quick recovery. And as you mention him in your prayers, please pray for yourself too or your friends that none of you will eat scorpions in place of meat too. But I’m afraid for you…

I say this because of the things I hear these days, making my ears tingle. I heard some of you have decided to remain children forever? That you’re living in darkness though a Christian?

I heard you think those verses you read in the church is enough to run your life? That personal study of God’s word is not “too important”?

In this my short life, I’ve met lots of persons, scratch that, Christians arguing blindly or living on baseless convictions.

Yes, it shows. The lack of knowledge always shows cause you open your mouth and foolishnesses pours out. No offence, but that’s exactly what God calls it: “My son hear my words and be wise…(Prov 23:9). If you doubt me, try using the keyword “foolish” in your e-bible and you’ll be surprised.

Myself, I’m still in God’s hospital for some traits of this foolishnesses that pervades the human soul so believe me that I know what I’m talking about😌.

I Hear Things that Make My Ears Tingle

I want to share some strange things I’ve heard directly from the lips of Christians. They always make me wonder what I’ll hear in times to come.

🎯 Somebody said she does not read the epistles of Paul because Paul is mean and a misogynist (prejudiced against women). Half the new testament is Paul’s Epistles, so you’re not reading half of the new testament?😭

🎯 Another said she does not believe Paul’s words because he was not a real apostle since he did not meet the Lord in the flesh like the twelve apostles. I was flabbergasted😱. O Christian, but why na.

Then shall we say Apostle Selman is not a real apostle because he did not meet the Lord on Earth? Let’s not go far. Since you did not meet the Lord in the flesh, then you’re not a “real” Christian too? Tor, this whole generation is kuku fake na.

Why have you forgotten when Jesus told Thomas: “So, you believe because you’ve seen with your own eyes. Even better blessings are in store for those who believe without seeing.” (John 20:29 MSG)

I’m not done oo.

🎯 Someone was preaching liberty in Christ to me (of which I agree wholeheartedly), but edging towards the extremity by excusing immorality and sin so I quoted from the book of 2 Peter and this person said he does not read Peter because Peter was not strong in faith😳.

This person explained that Peter betrayed Jesus, denied the Gentiles by refusing to kill and eat, even separated himself from them when Jews visited that Paul had to openly rebuke him.

E gba mi ooo😳. I would be laughing now if this was funny but it’s not. Please, do we now judge ourselves based on our past lives? What happened to old things are passed away? Did the limitations or weaknesses of Peter cancel out his faith?!

Was it not Peter that defended Cornelius when he returned to Jerusalem? Then oga, do all YOUR foolishness and weaknesses cancel out YOUR faith? This is where God’s warning not to judge comes in cause with this same scale you bury yourself.

Tor, some will now say Christians have no weaknesses 🙄. I understand you🙂. Today is not just for you🙂.

🎯 Personally, I used to say the Bible is thrash cause it contradicts itself (I told you my level of foolishness used to be deep😂). Thank God for Jesus.

The bible does not contradict ONE thing. What it does, is give balance. I’m learning to be patient, never excusing God or ignoring matters but waiting until light shines on that peculiarity.

And until that understanding comes, I try my best not to open my mouth in public like an expert on the matter. I refuse to be a distributor of foolishness, period. I buy truth only.

I’m still not done…

🎯 I’ve met someone that does not read Songs of Solomon because it’s only artistic and may otherwise be a mistake🙂. Why na? What happened to, “ALL Scripture is inspired by God and is useful for teaching the truth, rebuking error, correcting faults, and giving instruction for right living.” (2Tim 3:16)

Your mistake is seeing the men writing these books, you forget the Holy Spirit inspiring them. “For no prophetic message ever came just from human will, but people were under the control of the Holy Spirit as they spoke the message that came from God.” 2Pet 1:21

🎯 Someone does not read Leviticus because it contains the law and we’re now under God’s Grace. Truth, my brother. You have spoken well✅.

BUT Hebrews said the old was a foreshadowing of the things to come. The new does not cancel out the old but it fulfils it. Believe me, it’s fun seeing the Lord in the old days. If not for anything for the confirmation of your beliefs.

Pst Innocent Eleke once asked, “how will you appreciate the new if you don’t know the old?” I concur with this.

🎯 Someone out there does not open Old Testament at all. Don’t tell me you don’t want to meet the David of the old testament? Or Mordecai? Abraham too? Then you’re missing too much.

🎯 Someone does not read Psalms because it’s a poetic book, made for musicians or when you have problems. Save us Lord🙏.

🎯 Someone said the Bible is incomplete hence, not trustworthy. Oga, finish the one in your hand first na😒. Read everything and perfect the instructions there first.

Is it not somebody that finish the one in his hand that will ask for more? When I was little you didn’t have the right to ask for more food until your plate was empty no matter how delicious the food tastes.

Let’s do a bet. You can’t finish the whole Bible and still think that this is even a problem. Unless you read only the letters…

I do believe there are other books apart from compilation what we have. At least I’ve seen two referred to in the Bible itself. But how is this even a problem? What do you take God for?

Do you think a man can hinder God? That little “man” can stop God’s purposes? It’s funny 😂😂. Please laugh small.

Do you think that after God’s beloved son sacrificed himself finish, he’ll allow even one million men put together to stop the fulfilment of all he wants to accomplish? Please let’s laugh again😂.

Even if there are men out there or a cult that tore parts of the scriptures or hid some previous books, it’s their business. Let them use it to cook egusi soup. That was only possible because God allowed them to hide it or be “protecting” it…talk about a true waste of purpose.

God is not impotent that he can’t defend himself. See how much the book of Romans has been a blessing to the Church, and even still revealing God’s mind today.

If anybody had tried to destroy it at any time, the earth would have simply opened and swallowed him and their generations unborn. Yep, it’s that easy. So stop fighting for God and read the one he has given you. When we reach Heaven, we’ll finish the rest 🙄

🎯Someone out there does not read the Bible because it was written by men. I don’t believe that person is a Christian though. Born again I mean to say. Even if you’re not, I dare you to read it first 🙂.

Open your heart to seeking the truth and nothing but truth. You’ll not have finished 4 books before you see the Owner of the book, the one we call Jesus.

Christians let’s stop dividing the bible and read it all. Ask yourself what you’ll tell your doctor should he ask you to eat only white spaghetti for one year to become more healthy.

This world will get harsher. How can we last without God’s word? Errors are everywhere; on TV, the internet because people don’t want to hear God personally. Please be different. Let’s be careful not to eat scorpions thinking it’s protein.

***If you’ve decided to read your bible more diligently and consistently to hear God and clear confusions in your life, you’ve made the right decision 👍 and I’m happy for you🤭 but it won’t be easy. Many things around you will fight it. Your work, business, school, activities, church programs etc but be determined.

If you notice you’re slacking off, don’t remain there. Pick up from where you left off. Move!

If you’ve been doing a mi-ni-mi-ni-ma-ni-mo study, it’s time to grow up. Become intentional.

I suggest starting from the new testament and making your way through to Revelations carefully. Then you can move to the Old Testament. You’ll never recover from the experience.

Oga mi, don’t say you’ll start from January 1st next year😒. Don’t let yourself be deceived. That’s what you said last year too. Start today. Start now. Go offline and help yourself. You’re helping me too, your children and your generation.

Remember that God’s grace is available to all who ask. Shalom!

Drop a comment, please. God bless you.

Hi, I'm Chioma Jeremiah. I'm passionate about helping my community see the beautiful light that each day brings. My goal is to inspire you with everything that will make each read the best for you.


  • Jessica kizito

    Great piece!
    Studying the word of God can never be overemphasized. Anyone who want genuine light and direction must study the word of God.

  • Evidence Mutumbu

    Powerful message people are developing itchy ears.The kind of messages we prefer they dont cause us to grow.Real stuff is painful but thats solid food for the mature.
    Paul contributed so much good stuff not reading it is lack of understanding!

    • Chioma Jeremiah

      It’s so irresponsible of us as followers of this faith to even think such. With our own mouth, we discredit our faith before unbelievers, making Jesus look silly.

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