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    You and Your Leaking Mouth!

    It does not give Jesus joy when he has to bring down the stick of discipline on her so he definitely does not want your opinion or your support. You will na stand beside him and be shouting, "Yes, hit her well. That is how they used to do! If you don't deal with it now, they will get spoilt..." Oga Christian, who asked you?

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    I Refuse to be Savage.

    While I was in the university, students of Mass Communication were usually categorised as "great talkers", always having an answer to any question; great defenders of a cause. "You really don't want to get into an argument with them", you'll be advised. I and two friends used to be grouped amongst these people and we were proud about it. We were called savages because when we got into an argument we usually won...by any means possible. Specifically, amongst other friends and colleagues, we were known to have sharp mouths. "Kai, you're mean," we'd hear often from laughing or wincing friends. You never want to be caught in an argument with…