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You and Your Leaking Mouth!

I have noticed one peculiar behaviour amongst some couples- they dislike external opinions when they are having issues. When this kind of couple is fighting, it is usually advisable for the neighbours to mind their business. E get why.

Even their children that take sides during those arguments often enter into trouble because when the air clears, one of the parents will come for them with red eyes to ask, “Who sent you message?”

During the destruction of Israel, Edom went there to watch and “helped” the captors finish up Israel (Obadiah 13-14). After God was done with Israel’s mess, he faced Edom full time and you don’t want to know how that turned out.

It’s the same thing with the Church and her husband. When you see the Church misbehaving or her husband dealing with her rubbish, carry your face throwaway.

It is very common these days to hear youngsters commenting rudely on the misbehaviour of the Church.

You hear some “dragging” men of God for either perceived or actual wrongs. I laugh.

The funny thing is that many times, it’s even the people of the Church themselves doing the judgements and mockings because they feel they know the right way.

I have come to realise that Jesus’ love for his Church is deep. Do you see that his jealousy, the joy and the pain he has from her bad activities? Those are enough proof that he cares about her.

Sometimes he gets tired and deals with an issue. Sometimes he exposes his own children’s evil to the world. But my brother, when he’s doing all these things, look, learn and throw away face.

It does not give Jesus joy when he has to bring down the stick of discipline on her so he definitely does not want your opinion or your support.

You will na stand beside him and be shouting, “Yes, hit her well. That is how they used to do! If you don’t deal with it now, they will get spoilt…” Oga Christian, who asked you?

I cannot deny that some matters are too juicy to resist discussing but madam that is while there is a word called “self-control.” Google it.

Some people even carry the matter to discuss with their friends. The other day, Nneka was dragging her pastor who was exposed for stealing Church funds with her neighbour- the same neighbour she had been inviting to Church with her since. Now tell me, if she has not shot herself and her entire race of believers in the foot?

Take note that this is not an encouragement to accept wrong or defend evil. No, it’s only a bit of advice that if you can not be an intercessor, at least mind your mouth.

When an Angel wipe you oraimo chord later, you will now be thinking it is your village people doing you not knowing you are reaping the fruits of your leaking mouth.

I still looove hearing from you!💞

Hi, I'm Chioma Jeremiah. I'm passionate about helping my community see the beautiful light that each day brings. My goal is to inspire you with everything that will make each read the best for you.

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  • Pilgrim precious

    I always discuss this topic with my people
    How to always avoid controversial talks on pastor or other Christians

    It should be a blessed habit
    To see things and look away

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