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Women Don’t Owe You Submission

Excuse me, Mr. man.

Yes, you, sir. Before, I said I will mind my own business so that they will not say, “this girl is not a wife material,” but your wahala don too tire me.

In case you did not get the memo. This year is the year of carefulness. We all have to be guided…including you.


How come the only Bible verse you know is: “wives submit to your husband?”

If we ask you for the Bible verse of this your favourite quote or even the chapter, you don’t even know it. What exactly is the colour of your problem?

Any simple chance they give you to speak to God’s people, it is only, “Submit! Submit!’ we will be hearing. Who told you the sisters don’t know they are to submit? Who told you many are not already praying about it and taking careful steps on the topic? Brother, be careful with us this new year.

The only thing you check with joy in your Church is which sister’s knee touches the ground when she wants to greet you. Or which of the sisters says one hundred “pleases” or “excuse mes” before talking? I laugh at you, my brother.

When Sis Caro did not come to greet you last Sunday, you said it was because your “word” on submission slayed her. Inukwa?

The other day you told Sis. Lizzy that if she does not learn to listen to your instructions, she will never marry well. Hian! Mr Holy Joiner. He that Joins Couples Together and They Break Not. I’m greeting you, sir.

Your wahala don too tire people so they said I should help them talk to you.

My brother, open to that your favourite verse. Shebi I talk am? Let me ignore this one. It is in Ephesians 5:24. Now, read it aloud. Did you see where they said, “WIVES submit to your OWN husband?”

First of all, as you never marry, please stop disturbing my sisters to submit to you. Second, only one woman in this life owes you the submission wey you dey find and it’s your wife. Not us. Leave us alone.

E shock you, ba, say nobody owe you submission. None! Except for your wife. As you never marry yet, please be calming down. See as I’m repeating it? I’m now even pitying your “daughters in Christ.” (I want to talk about this matter sef. Your brother’s case don reach my table too).

Oga mi, God did not bring these sisters to your Church to audition for slavery. It is only marriage they are waiting for. The women around you have turned to fools to please you and the brothers in the ministry.

You want to raise women that roar in the secret place but are timid in the physical. You want them to command mountains but cannot think or speak for themselves? Are you Satan’s son?

If when you pray it is only submission you can ask for in your future wife. From what I’m seeing, I’m thinking that it is a washing machine you really need. I know where they sell one close to my house. If it is a free cook and baby machine, there is this special service I see on my Facebook. Please, DM for the link. She gives premium service.

If it is a “wife” you are looking for, go and ask God for the meaning of “wife.” Find these powerful women on your knees. I’m not talking about their bank accounts, looks or in their spoken language.

True submission is not seen in the open. I know what I’m saying o. Submission is good and important but brother what is your problem?

All the pride of your previous life and culture, you have carried and entered Christianity and now your brain is paining you.

Hm! The way I’m seeing you, sir. You will fall into two extremes when you finally find the perfect “submitter” who is worthy of your last name. Either you marry Bolo that has no help or advice to give you in life or you marry “Ms Pretender” that will use your mouth to scrub the floor after the honeymoon.

Even you too, bro, submit to God. I said, submit to God by reading that your Bible very well.

Quote me anywhere but I have said my own. As I said, it’s a year to be guided.

I loove hearing from you 💞. Drop a comment, please.

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