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Why I Call the Devil a Bastard😒

Readers Beware: Verbally Abusive Words in Post.

Growing up, there was one abusive word we were never allowed to use no matter the level of protection and it was the word, “bastard.” Calling anybody this was the height of insult and rebellion so yes it was very scarce amongst my circle of school and home friends.

Even now, this teaching sticks with me but there is one special being I break this rule for every single time: our very own, Lucifer.

I sing it to him as often as he reminds me to. Please don’t think I’m mean when you’ve not heard the kind of things he calls me. I can’t even list them all for you, the lying fool😒.

I did it again. I’m sorry, but I’ve given up trying to be civil with that guy. I can’t just help the name-calling. Anyway, he’s the one that always starts it. I mean, the guy brings out the worst in me.

Needless to say, He’s the only one that makes me use that name. Why won’t I when he calls me a liar, dirty, coward, a failure…I can’t even go on. Me, like this? What did I ever do to the guy that gives him the right to call me a failure?

That day he tried it was the day I changed it for him. I told him point and clear, “You are a bastard and unlike you, I’m not a liar.”

To explain better, did you know the oga is actually a bastard? I’m a Christian so I can’t tell lies like him so I can only call him truthful names. I mean he’s actually fatherless. He had the chance to have the covering of God but he refused and now he’s naked trying to share his new identity with me.

As I was saying. I call him bastard cause I know that’s the jibe that can pain him the most. It’s the word I found out that encompasses his entire failure and defeat. It’s a reminder of everything he lost and everything he can never have- My father or me. No one and nothing, that’s what he gets. Tell me who’s the real failure now, ehn?

I like to think he regrets his decision sometimes but I can’t be sure. That guy is one serious hypocritical bastard. Maybe in his mind, he still is yet to understand that na him do himself, the psycho.

Oh yeah, and I also call him a fool because even though he likes to think he’s very smart which he is, no doubt but he failed woefully when he so “intelligently” killed Jesus. Talk about a big flop. E pain him? Hehe.

When he sees all Jesus accomplished with his death, it pains him afresh. Had the nigga known, mehn. Well, it’s too late. I have a father now and he doesn’t, the bastard.

Truthfully, there have been days I called him this name while crying. Other days, while laughing and some while boiling with anger but all that matters is that I know who he is: a foolish bastard.

Just to add this. You know he’s a liar, right? I mean, that’s the easiest part of him to figure out. So to complete his identity, I call him a foolish lying bastard. Yep, that’s my reason and I hope I’ve been able to convince you and not confuse you that the devil is a foolish lying bastard.


There’s someone out there afraid for me for speaking of the devil this way, please receive peace. Na im start this thing, no be me. Na you suppose dey vex with him. All those abuses he taught you when you were in the world, you suppose don refine them and thrown them back at him.

I’m also currently thinking that I guess it’s time I release some of the letters I wrote to the devil at different points in my life but in little bits, of course. That’s very possible.

Be expectant!

Now, say the word with me as I leave for today. Don’t be afraid. Say, “You foolish lying bastard.” The next time the devil comes to call you his lying names, you will have your answer waiting, won’t you? You will return it to him hot-hot, won’t you?

I still loove hearing from you💞. Drop a comment.

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  • Pilgrim precious

    ” devil You foolish lying bastard”

    😅😅 Childhood calling one bastard was a big flop! It’s like you’ve done the worst

    Just like this phrase
    “if the devil reminds you your past
    Reminds him his future”

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