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Where is my Uncountable Trillion Dollars?

Tonight is one of those nights I spend wondering about money. “Lord, that power to make wealth you talked about, explain it small, please. Are you still giving it to me abi, you already gave it cause I don’t understand these days…”

Then I proceed to the self-pity stage. I’m just thinking: I wouldn’t mind 1 million naira in my account right now. I know it’s way below what my mates have but let’s start with that tonight, uhn? That’s not too much, is it, Lord? Uhn? At least I’m not greedy, ehn?

And I can swear I heard God laugh at me. “One million? Is that money to you?”

And so I get irritated. “Yes o. It’s money to me. I know y’all are in heaven enjoying the  cashless realm but here money means a lot to us.”

Then I remembered those childhood days when I made plans to have hundreds of trillions of uncountable dollars. Well… Self-pity Stage gear 2 ignited.

Now, I’m back to square one. I’m missing something. “I need light, Lord. How do I make this kind of wealth? Where are you keeping all those bags of money? What do I need to do? Where am I missing it?”

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