What If Bedbugs Could Fly?

Just what if, and I mean what if Bedbugs could fly?

You’re thinking I’ve gone loco now but please hear me out.

If you know me personally, you’re reasonably among the ones currently rolling their eyes. “This girl and bedbugs,” you must be saying but if you’ve experienced half of what I’ve passed through in their hands, you won’t be laughing much.

If you don’t have an inkling of what bedbugs are, you should count yourself lucky and for your sake, I hope you don’t take a “course” on it in the near future.

 I was taught well so I’m going to offer a definition straight from Chioma’s disctionary v.01, Bedbugs are the devil’s apprentice, active mainly at night, with sharp beaks that hurt like hell used to suck blood off the body. They were the previous gold medalist for 100m dash before Usain bolt came in the picture, very often referred to as vampires, demons and a friend’s favourite,  Amosu, that’s Igbo for Witch.

I remember those nights with them now like they were yesterday, when the sharp pain from their bites would wake me at night, I’d  sit up drowsily while feeling sorry  for myself, not knowing whom to call and lament to at 2am.  I have super-sensitive skin so even their smallest bite was a distress. I’m moping around and there’s my roommates sleeping peacefully not even turning at all. I can’t sit to read, because a tribe lived in the chairs too.  All the benches in the hostel halls would be taken by night readers so I’m stuck with my blood sucking companions.

I’m awake for the 5th time one of such nights, watching the bug that had woken me try to escape.  I’m too angry to even kill it so I let it go, I’m insulting the government, the school and every institution my drowsy brain could lay hold of when the thought drops, “imagine Bedbugs could fly?”

 It was such a horrifying thought that I had to shake my head multiple times to dislodge the image. What if those little bloodsuckers also had wings! Shut that voice that says “so what? We’ll just deal with them same way we handle mosquitoes”. That you think your-everyday-insecticide can deal with those demons makes my heart go out to you. Bedbugs are soldiers and are very resilient creatures. In the right temperature, they can last up to 400 days without feeding (that’s more than a year, dear), only really potent insecticides can get rid of them and even at that, their eggs remain unharmed because of the really thick covering of their sacs. So just when you’re about celebrating your freedom, here comes the leaders of tomorrow, with their inbuilt vampiric nature to start a new generation…it’s a mad cycle, I must tell you.

Back to my story, right after that thought, I stood up, flipped my sweater to dislodge any waiters, straightened my bed sheets and went back to bed. I woke up 3 more times that night but it’s all cool, at least bedbugs don’t fly. Here’s what happened, the possibility of greater horror and worse damage did not take the pain away but gave me with patience to persevere. 

Let me just break it down, the point of this story is that the next time you’re in a bind like I was, hopeless and nowhere to turn, think back on this story.

 Let’s say you have the strictest lecturer’s deadline to meet and your laptop shuts down cause they’re no power, your generator refuses to work too. Next morning, you’re hurrying to get to a cyber café so you can plug in and finish up when you spill your tea over the laptop. Truth is, there’s probably not going to be any assignment with your name on it on the lecturer’s desk that day but after the tears, take a minute to ask yourself, what if bedbugs could fly? You’ll find that they’re could always be a situation worse than the one you’re currently facing. Sounds shallow, might not look like it, might be hard to find but it’s there.

Its true that sometimes when it rains, it pours but hey, at least there was no hurricane this time! Let’s find comfort in something bigger than our situations.

Can you remember any situation where you really felt hopeless, or you had a what-if-bedbugs-could-fly-moment? Tell us, let’s kit up too.

Hi, I'm Chioma Jeremiah. I'm passionate about helping my community see the beautiful light that each day brings. My goal is to inspire you with everything that will make each read the best for you.


  • Favour Chin

    Hi Chioma
    I really loved your definition of bedbugs because that’s so correct!,I remember waking up at night for the third time in my boarding house because I had just been beaten by those Little demons 😂,I was so angry and was almost crying and just said a little prayer it went like this “ooh lord I’m not really asking you wipe of the bedbugs in this hostel,just when they bite don’t let me feel it ,Amen”,the prayer did wipe them off,but I don’t know if it’s forever or for sometime 🤣….. Keep it up Chioma!😊😉

  • Precious jay

    If bed bugs could fly? 😱🤔.
    I can’t explain this, I can’t even think of this alone…Lol 😂
    I need to gather hostel friends to think of this 🏃🏃🏃.
    I thought I was the only one that called them “Demon” .
    Nice one Dear chioma .

  • Chukwuemeka

    I’ll say I’m one of the most luckyiest persons ever to live on the face of the planet. Because not even for once have I experienced bedbugs before, I don’t even know how it looks talk more of its bites😂. But I can imagine the help you must have gone through living and sleeping with them too. Our government and institutions should do more.

  • Ilechukwu Chubby

    If Bedbugs could fly? Eheee!!!!!!!!! Eeee!!!!! Me thinking about it alone terrifies me

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