Those Annoying Chapters in the Bible🤦🏾‍♂️…

There’s no way you’ve missed these chapters I’m referring to. I mean the ones containing long lists of names and numbers that don’t look like they would ever stop.

What’s even worse is if you decided to see where those names ended before really reading them, you may discover you have four chapters to go. Four!

Those chapters don’t even look like they have much to offer as a spiritual diet. They’re just what they look like- lists, records, names (that no one cares about), numbers, more numbers, more names and extra more names.

And those names, my goodness! Am I the only one that feels like I’m in a diction class after some time? I mean look at these: Reaiah, Nephishesim, Sophereth, Jaala, Hakupha…let’s agree to stop here.

Seriously, it can be annoying, especially when you’re thinking of getting something “tangible” for the day. Regardless, I’ve also learnt a thing from them.

I’ve learnt that they tell of a God watching all, knowing all. A God of numbers.

All those names were actual people that existed just as we are now. Some lived long years, had children, grandchildren…Imagine that. Such a dull name like ‘Uri,’ was a man with an entire life of his own.

Those names were persons we might never have heard about but for their brief mention in the bible, precisely as we’re not hearing about some persons in other parts of the world currently.

Some of those names were mentioned for good, others in groups that made joint disastrous decisions. Same as how every living human keeps making decisions daily.

Persons were mentioned because they simply fulfilled God’s purposes by being a member of a lineage.

Some of those annoying lists are precise records of numbers. How else would we have known that exactly 402, 360 people made the first trip back to Jerusalem after their Babylonian captivity?

How more comprehensive can it get than that? And that’s just human records.

God is so big and smart. How thorough would his book of record be? How extra sensitive? Giving recognition to the rich and poor, simple and high, seen and unseen.

So when God says he will reward everybody according to their works and the intentions of their hearts, I’m quite sure he knows what he’s saying.

Since I learnt how thorough God is, I like to imagine God watching me do the smallest kinds of stuff like washing plates, cooking, playing games and others. He saw me writing this post, and now he sees you reading it.

Not only seeing, but recording. I’m talking dates and times here. Cute.

If you get scared of this all-seeing God, you should examine your life carefully to see if your ways are in alignment to his will.

While the knowledge of God’s eyes, roaming the earth and ever-watching, should keep you on your toes, serving as a restraint against unholy behaviour, it’s way more than that. He’s not targeting you to nit-pick at all your errors.

God watches us because he loves us and we’re a source of joy to him. He notes your birthday, your habits, your favourite ice cream, new haircut, and tiniest injuries.

How else did he see that bully spill Fanta on you deliberately? Or know to revenge for you? Or know to get you a red car instead of a blue one because you hate blue? Or that it’s that time of the year to pay your school fees again?

God watches us because he loves us and we’re a source of joy to him.

So when next you see those annoying chapters and you feel that twinge of irritation cause you thought the next hour would be more interesting than what you’re seeing, halt, then take a deep breath.

Settle in your seat, deciding to read everything and really see those numbers and names, allowing them to imprint fresh awareness in your heart: God is seeing. Your God is keeping record.

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  • Evidence Mutumbu

    Indeed God watches and has interest in what we are doing.
    He watchs our works and what we are able to survive…..
    You hear in revelation says he who overcomes I will give them this and that.
    So yeah its a good perspective to understand God in that angle

  • Evidence Mutumbu

    The only way to avoid being annoyed by those chaptets😂😂😂is to pray for the spirit of wisdom and revelation.
    Usually there is a behind the scenes understanding that we must get to understand.
    Esp the last book of the bible…Revelations

  • Pilgrim precious

    Whenever I pass that chapter when reading my 📖 it’s like ” You are not yet serious for this”

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