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This Matter is Not Your Concern

Don’t be an instrument in the hand of Satan to torture God’s people. Don’t allow yourself to be any kind of agent, consciously or unconsciously.

When the devil is looking for how to destroy God’s people, don’t volunteer your services o. If you hear that the target is a “Jew,” run o.

“I need someone to seduce that brother…” Run!

“I need someone to defraud this guy…” Run!

“I need someone to persecute this person in her workplace daily…” Run!

“I need someone to rape this sister…” Run!

“I need someone to kill this person’s brother…” Run!

See ehn, once you hear the target is a Christian just run. Full stop. Any evil you are into, keep it far from God’s people. E get why.

That was how they were looking for who to throw Shadrach and his friends into the fire and these trained agents with 30 years of experience in Christian Oppression and Stumbling Strategies carried their big chests out. The next thing we saw, they were gone in the flames. Overdead.

When God comes to his people’s rescue and he always does, na you go collect first. Not the devil, You. The devil’s time is still far small.

Can’t you see that you joined the wrong army? See as fire has burnt you everywhere. How shall we solve this your problem now? You don’t have peace, no joy, no love, only emotional and mental pain everywhere in your life.

You touched God’s ark, now your hand is withered. You dug a pit, now you are inside it. Even the furnace you helped to heat, has carried you. Why obey a person that has no protection plans for you in your employee package?

Even if you choose to serve the devil and allow him to use you, please ask for admin duties that will keep you on the desk. Any day e wan send you enter field, abeg refuse.

As your friend, please listen to my advice: Refuse scouting duties sef. While some of my people will allow you, some people don’t like it.

Let me tell you the truth. Even that admin duty is not safe. I have some friends that take delight in sending fire into the camp or the enemy every single day.

I’m worried for you. You are suffering too much in a battle that should not concern you simply because you have allowed yourself to be used.

Refuse the rulership of Satan. He sits on his throne and sends you to fight a battle in which God himself is the hedge around your targets. This matter no balance na.

When you get tired; if you truly want to find the rest that Christians have, if you want a new slate and your past wiped clean, we have lots of space for you in our camp.

It’s only a decision and a confession away and true peace and safety can be yours. Simply renounce the devil’s rulership and accept Jesus as your saviour and master. You can do it even right now.

Daniel 3:20-22 (KJV)

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