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This Cannot be All

As an occupant of this Earth, I wonder, “Is this all?” Even if I was born into a more stabilized country, would this still be all? Is this not what is expected of us?:


Learn to walk,

Learn to read, study,

Become a professional in a field,

Get a job,

Become rich,

Get married,

Raise children,

Become grandparents,


This cannot be all, right? What if your life gets cut short at any point, then should it be said you did not live well? When this has all been said and done, then what? If a man achieves all the above, is it a correct measure of a life well lived?

Jesus never got to the end of that list but he lived well. He was useful to this Earth and is still useful. And then there’s you… Are you being useful to this world?

Have you discovered purpose? Are you still hiding under a bushel or are you yet to even get kindled by the saviour at all?

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