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I remember those days I used to be shocked to see such obvious expressions of power like healings and deep gifts of revelation in word and visions. That day, I heard Minstrel Olushola sing and I ran to you screaming that an angel had possessed his body but the crowd would not let me come close!

I remember how you laughed and told me not to be taken aback because I could not meet these great men myself. You whispered in my ears that you all attended the same party. I remember my eyes had opened like saucers as I asked to be sure, “Even Apostle Dada?” You nodded and said, “Even him.”

You held my hands that day and took me with you to the real happening place. True to your words, I met all of them there wearing their best clothes but it was the chief host that took centre stage with his flowing white robes and hair as white as snow.

In the presence of such a man, I forgot that I had planned to meet Apostle Dada. Even till today, it keeps slipping my mind.

I’m troubled, sir.

I was at the party yesterday and all anybody could talk about was you. I was surprised to hear your records read cause I never knew you had achieved so much.

What bothered our host was that it’s been some time since he saw you last. He said you used to be the one in a hurry to submit your updates yourself but for some time now, you have left him to find out himself through countless surveys.

They asked who was the closest to you and when I raised my hand, they gave me your invitation letter to give to you. Forgive me for being too inquisitive but I peeked at it this morning.

It seems you have become too busy to attend our parties these days. The work has become more important to you than the sender himself.

You forgot how you started. You forgot when we were taught that these things would come. We told you that miracles, signs and wonders would come. We told you that fame and honour would come.

I remember that day we were told that our talents and gifts would soon set us apart from others. Then they warned you to be careful. How did you forget so soon?

You have started attending a lot of these tiresome parties and forgotten the happening place. You forgot that special time of midnight when all of us attend with our faces down to the ground and our hands lifted. That deep secret place that only one person can travel to at a time.

When did you leave the sweet fellowship of the Holy Spirit? When did you get too busy? How do you plan to maintain this “rich ministerial lifestyle and results” that you have been given without him, eh? I heard that at the last ministration you attended, 1000 persons ran to the altar without you making the call.

Just yesterday, Oga brought a Ghana Must Go of New Grace to distribute. I collected mine but they did not allow me to touch yours to bring for you.

This message I have brought is an urgent one. They said I should ask o. When will you pray again?

When will you have time to fast again?

Your strength is almost finished. This is not how we trained you.

I have brought your invitation letter. They said I should tell you that they received all your excuses and none of them held water before the council. They said I should tell you that when you come, more matters will be raised that I can’t say here because of your doe-eyed followers.

Here is your invitation. It’s the same as mine. Our next party is tonight. I hope to see you there.

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Hi, I'm Chioma Jeremiah. I'm passionate about helping my community see the beautiful light that each day brings. My goal is to inspire you with everything that will make each read the best for you.


  • Pilgrim precious

    Yes my gift will set me apart from others.

    I was shocked too the first time I saw the expression of God’s power
    The memories( won’t forget)
    This article is unique
    What are trying to point out?๐Ÿคฃ
    I don’t really understand
    I want to understand


    • Chioma Jeremiah

      I pointed out that the secret place is the real place that rules the physical. No matter what manifestation we see, abandoning that place will lead to problems.

      Now, can you read it again?

      • Pilgrim precious

        ๐Ÿ˜‚ I wasn’t planning to read again till you said it
        I understand better
        “The holy party”

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