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Take Cover in Goshen

This is not a season to be found in the middle of nowhere or walking alone without verified means of spiritual identity.

This is not a season for some experimental mini-mini-mani-mo

This is not a season to be sneaking around ladies’ windows hoping to be blessed with “heavenly” sights.

This is not the time to say words anyhow. What if you get slapped, ehn my brother?

This is not a time to be thinking about joining the wicked in their works because “good has proven not to have power and the wicked rules.”

This is not a time to be without targets, sulking and fantasizing outside.

This is not the time to be cooking wickedness for others or testing sin in little doses.

When the flood of judgement sweeps through the land, many found outside will follow to collect o.

This is the season to dwell under the shadow of the Almighty. To renew the covenant of the Passover, and to hide under the umbrella of mercy.

Get under the cover of the almighty.

Get to Goshen and lay low.

E Get Why.

But today is not for why.

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