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    Where is my Uncountable Trillion Dollars?

    Tonight is one of those nights I spend wondering about money. “Lord, that power to make wealth you talked about, explain it small, please. Are you still giving it to me abi, you already gave it cause I don’t understand these days…” Then I proceed to the self-pity stage. I’m just thinking: I wouldn’t mind 1 million naira in my account right now. I know it’s way below what my mates have but let’s start with that tonight, uhn? That’s not too much, is it, Lord? Uhn? At least I’m not greedy, ehn? And I can swear I heard God laugh at me. “One million? Is that money to you?”…

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    The truth remains true even if you cannot recognise it…even if every single human on Earth says it is not. Your truth may not be my truth but what is truth is truth. Romans 3:4: “Let God be true and every man a liar.” I still looove hearing from you 💞

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    Mouth Weightlifting Champions Amongst Us

    Even if you’re the National Mouth Weightlifting Champion or plan a future as one, why is your mouth this heavy? I came today to forcefully discourage you from this career path because it cannot take you anywhere. My dear when you see something you like, just say so. It removes nothing from you but adds everything. Make giving compliments a part of you. “Sis, I love your hair. How did you get that twist!” “Congrats on that new certificate. Oh boy, I’ll like to do the same one day.” “My brother, that shoe is it for two?” “I love that presentation you did. I have never seen it in that…

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    Be Calming Down

    Do you ever feel like taking your fight public? I mean shaming someone through a public platform that you use? Squash that need for public approval and media support for your argument. It’s childishness. It destroys relationships. I looooove hearing from you!

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    Bro Churchill, Kneel Down

    Why have you sworn to dispatch God's body to the different ends of the world when you're not a delivery agent? Why can you not allow us to be one? These days, we have even forgotten your name. If not for your Church which you remind us of at every opportunity, we would not have what to call you by now...

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    Sometime in My Future

    Whenever they see one, they'll scream and run around like drunkards. One will try to force her small head through the window panes but it will stubbornly not let her through. So, she'll run to the balcony and climb the railings smiling into the sky. An action that will earn her a swat on her buttocks.

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    Women Don’t Owe You Submission

    Any simple chance they give you to speak to God's people, it is only, "Submit! Submit!' we will be hearing. Who told you the sisters don't know they are to submit? Who told you many are not already praying about it and taking careful steps on the topic? Brother, be careful with us this new year.