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Sometime in My Future

When I have my children, I’ll carefully teach them the true meaning of the rainbow so they don’t get confused and swept away in the times they would be born into. I’ll teach them that the rainbow belonged to us first as God’s symbol of his covenant to all of us.

Whenever they see one, they’ll scream and run around like drunkards. One will try to force her small head through the window panes but it will stubbornly not let her through. So, she’ll run to the balcony and climb the railings smiling into the sky. An action that will earn her a swat on her buttocks.

Then I’ll try to pry her hands away from the railings to carry her into safety from the ground far below but she’ll scream her head off refusing to leave her high and powerful point of view.

My boys, very composed like their father will pull my hand pointing at the sky with eyes as wide as saucers. “Mummy, mummy see, God is smiling!”

Just the exact way I did when I was their age.


What messages would you tell your children?

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  • Fajey

    This was nostalgic
    First of all this write-up just made me realize how the rainbow actually first belonged to us before it was stolen but it’s still belongs to us though we just don’t know our right sadly😅
    Secondly a big no to lgbtq❌
    Thank you for showing me the light on this❤️

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