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Sincerely, to the Kingmaker

The King of Kings,
And Kingmaker Himself,
Great and Dreadful God,
He that Dwells amid the Cherubims,
Ruler of the Affairs of Men.


We know no other way to say this but that we have messed up and messed up we have. We do not adhere to your commandments and we have turned our backs on you as a nation. For this, you have removed yourself from us and the spoiler has made a field day of us.

We deserve many and more of the destruction we see in our nation. We deserve the pestilence and plagues that have stood against your people.

We do not deserve to stand before you either. Though we have rebelled against you, yet to the Lord our God belong mercies and forgiveness.

Long have we heard of your power in times past. Of how you raise standards against Kings that came against Israel your people. Our parents told us how you make a song out of your enemies.

We heard that no king could ever stand against you in battle and those that tried, you drowned in the sea. Another announced his name against you saying, “I am Sennacherib” and you cleared out his army while he slept. Nebuchadnezzar tried some strange things and you immediately ordered a change of diet for him for seven years.

Our nation is at a crossing point and we need you to intervene. We know that the powers gathered against us are great. They have mocked us and said, “who can stand against us?”

They have said, “our money will help us and our power which we have gathered over the years will give us the seat.”  They have called themselves Kingmakers and even now, are already celebrating their victory against your people.

Lord, we don’t have any hope but you. We don’t have any way from stopping this great evil from taking place.

If you don’t arise, men will think you no longer care about this nation. They will think you have lost touch and the next generation will lose their respect for you. You are still the real kingmaker. You are still the one that removes Kings and enthrones Kings.

We heard you love to work in situations like this the most- when hope looks bleak. Frustrate all evil plans against this nation tomorrow.

Flaunt yourself again like in the time of old. Give us a life story to tell our children. Show us that shakara we see in the Bible all the time. Don’t stress yourself, Abba but only speak a word and our nation will hear.

Unto you that all flesh gather, into your hand we submit ourselves. Do with us as you see fit. Deal with our nation in your mercy.

A Nigerian.

Say a prayer for our nation together 🙏

Hi, I'm Chioma Jeremiah. I'm passionate about helping my community see the beautiful light that each day brings. My goal is to inspire you with everything that will make each read the best for you.


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